Dreaming About: Beautiful Home Renovations to Save up for

Renovating your home seems to be either a cheap, DIY project or a major commotion that require many heads to figure out how to save as much money as possible. If this is what you’re looking for, you can find so much about it online that someone should just publish a book about it already; there’s an abundance of ideas on creative projects to freshen up your home, and articles on where you can save the most.

The truth is that sometimes you’ll need to pay up in order to get the home you’re dreaming about. Here are some of the most beautiful renovations I wish I could afford – so that we both can dream on together.

Renovations: Cash or Loan?

First things first: a costly improvement to your home should come out of money you already have. However, not everyone has funds readily available, this is when a home improvement loan could come in handy, using a reputable company such as SoFi can help your home renovations happen in a more timely manner.

Kitchen: Bright and Airy

Although it requires a bit of time and denies you access to your kitchen for a short week, it will make a huge difference and is not even too expensive. You could even make it a DIY project if you want to and have the time for it – but keep in mind that kitchen renovations are not to be taken lightly. It’s the main room of your home, after all, it’s heart even.

Paint those kitchen cabinets white. It will bounce the sunlight through your kitchen and lift the look immediately, opening up the entire space with one, bright colour. Go for the stainless steel cabinets if you’re not too fussed with handprints – or don’t mind wiping them off all the time. Kind of impractical but looks exceptional – so it’s alright.

Windows: Double Glazing and Conservatories

It’s that one thing many of us would like when we’re old, rich, and maybe even famous – but I’d like to get while I’m still young, so it’s important to be on the lookout for the best ones. A conservatory looks like the loveliest place for a cup of tea, and with the right kind of glazing company, it can be enjoyed throughout the year. Grovewood Windows are one of those, or just have a look at this list for other great glazing companies.  

Double glazing keeps your home cool during summer and warm during winter, it gives it a bit of extra protection and saves you money on energy in the end – of course we deserve to have it as soon as possible. Anyone who lived in a cold and frail flat where the weather simply seeps in through the windows will know what I’m talking about. If you’re looking for more comfort and light in your home, some of the more expensive renovations are worth it – just save up and keep yourself inspired in the meantime.


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