DIY Design Tips: Create A Home The Neighbours Will Envy

Every homeowner has the same problem, and that problem is turning a house into a home. If it sounds easy, just factor in that you also need to be original. Anyone can renovate a property, but not everyone can decorate without it looking like it came out of a magazine. The experts are the best people to turn to in your time of need because of their skill and experience. The thing is that they are expensive, so you might not be able to splash out. If that’s the case, you need DIY design tips that cut out the middleman. Here are a couple of the basics that will come in handy.

Design Intervention

Unless you have them on speed dial, you won’t be able to ask an expert for advice. The good news is that you don’t need to any longer. Thanks to the internet, there are far more accessible. Websites and online magazines are the epitome of this change. Interior designers always seem to have a few column inches that they dedicate for the good of the industry. As a result, they are full of tidbits and nuggets of gold like vintage lighting over contemporary lighting. If that doesn’t impress you much, you can try them on Twitter. Social media is an open platform so they might respond.


Add Texture

Modern homes like to go for modern materials. In the past, fabric was the most popular choice, but now leather and hardwood flooring are taking over. Smooth, glossy materials are good, but they shouldn’t be the only texture in the house. The properties that make you say wow use a mixture of them for the best results. For instance, leather furniture might sit on a bed of carpet, or fabric furniture on laminate flooring. The different textures add a contrast that is visually appealing, not to mention it acts as a focal point.

Three Colours

Nope, not one colour, not even two colours, but three colours! The reason, according to the experts, is so that everything doesn’t merge into one. A single shade of colour not only fails to catch anyone’s attention, but it also gets a little boring after a while. And, boring is a death sentence when it comes to interior design. The way it works is that you need a shade for the wall, one for the furniture, and another for small knick knacks. No one can tell you what colours to use because they are personal. If you need inspiration, think about three that match or three that evoke a warm feeling.

Make A Statement

Nothing screams originality than a focal piece that dominates the room. What’s great about a centre point is that it takes up space and supplements the rest of the room, yet it is also personal. The piece could be a sofa or an armchair that has sentimental value, or it could be something you purchased on your travels. As long as it dominates the landscape, it doesn’t matter.

Making a statement is more important than the statement in this case.


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