These Decking Ideas Will Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Why is decking so popular? The main reason is that it has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor spaces, helping to open up the garden and enable owners to make the best use of their property. But decking can be so much more than a rectangle at the back of the home. There are all sorts of ways to use it really cleverly that’ll make your neighbours seriously jealous. Here’s how.

Put Decking Around The Shed

In today’s gig economy, sheds are being used for all sorts of purposes. Offices, gyms, workshops – even somewhere to store garden tools on occasion. As a result, there’s a lot of people tramping in and out, meaning that the area around the shed entrance often gets heavy use. Smart owners are taking this as a sign that it’s time to put down decking around the shed, not only to guard against wear and tear but also give it a bit of uplift.

Layer Up Your Deck

It might be cheaper to put down a single layer of deck, but it’s certainly not the most stylish, nor the most family-friendly option. But if you’ve got a modern home or a new build, consider layering up your deck, placing one layer on top of another to create different zones. Higher zones might be for dining or sunbathing. Lower down, you could have outdoor kitchen space or storage areas.

Extend Your Deck As A Garden Path

Decking is supposed to connect the home to the garden. But sometimes the border of the deck with the wildlife can leave a lot to be desired. It’s not meant to, but sometimes it can look decidedly abrupt.

Clever families have gotten around this by simply extending their deck in the form of a garden path that connects different parts of the backyard with one another as if it was a boardwalk over a marsh. Raised deck keeps people off your precious shrubs.

Combine WIth Balustrades

Want to up the aesthetic of your deck? Then why not combine it with balustrades? Today, there are many different types of balustrades on the market, all designed to complement different home styles. Balustrades keep people safe and allow you to relax more while the kids are playing on the decking, knowing that there are fewer places where they can fall off.

Combine Decking Materials

Most people have decking constructed from wood (or composite alternatives). But there’s no reason why deck can’t be combined with other materials too, like concrete or stone. Mixed material decking works particularly well in ultra-modern homes and in urban areas.

Garden Island Deck

If there a particularly scenic part of your garden? If so, it could probably benefit massively from what’s being called “destination deck” in the industry – in other words, a decked area of the garden, far away from anything else. You could create a garden island deck anywhere you liked, perhaps nestled up to some trees, or in amongst your flower garden.

Use Decking To Connect Structures Together

If your family home consists of multiple buildings, then a large decking area is a great way to connect them together. Decking has the ability to create flow in properties with annexes, generating a community feel. What’s more, the decking also helps to increase outdoor living space, creating places where people can come together and mingle.

Experiment With Sunken Decking

The Japanese are very fond of tables sunk into the floor. Traditional restaurants often require people to sit in pits with the tables themselves at floor height. Though it’s unusual, the effect can be quite dramatic, and surprisingly relaxing. If you don’t want to build your decking upwards, you can always do down, sinking it into the ground. Sunken decking works especially well in areas that already have retaining walls. Decking can be placed on the inside of the retaining wall, providing a partially sheltered space to put tables, chairs and sun loungers.

Build An Outdoor Dining Area

With the rise of outdoor kitchens, al fresco living is becoming increasingly popular. But most people are still dining on traditional patios, not realising some of the benefits offered by decking. Not only are you raised up higher than a patio, but decking can also be placed in amongst other garden features, like trees, bringing a whole new dimension to eating outside. Decking can also be used as a supporting structure for other features, like lanterns.

Experimenting with decking is a lot of fun. Don’t make your nneighbourstoo jealous!



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