Cutting Costs on Kitchen Remodelling

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Renovating a kitchen isn’t the easiest job to do on a tight budget, but there are ways to ensure you don’t end up spending a fortune. Here are some ways of cutting costs without sacrificing the quality of your new improved kitchen.

Don’t move the sink and stove

Relocating big appliances such as the sink and stove results in all kinds of complex plumbing and gas pipe rearrangement. Find ways to renovate around these appliances to avoid paying out extras of thousands of pounds. You may be able to freshen these appliances up with new hobs or a new tap rather than replacing them.


Building your own cabinets and drawers will work out much cheaper than buying them, although is probably a task reserved only for those with the time and patience. Alternatively, you could work with what you already have to save costs. Buying new cabinets and drawers is expensive, but buying new parts such as cupboard handles and kitchen drawer runners isn’t. On top of providing a few more splashes of paint, you could instantly revitalise your kitchen having hardly spent anything.

Hire an all-in-one handyman service

If you can find a handyman service that can provide all the services you need from tiling, plumbing and building work, it may work out a better bargain than if you were to hire individually. Negotiating the price will certainly be easier, and the whole project will get completed more quickly and efficiently. Use comparison sites to find these handymen.

Try track lighting

Recessed lighting can result in all kinds of extra electrics and holes having to be made in the ceiling. Experimenting with track lighting could work out more affordable. Whilst track lighting bulbs are generally arranged in a straight line, feel free to get creative and create and curve or some other form of pattern.

Be careful with your countertop

A popular material for countertops is granite, which can cost £50 per square foot. A substitute such as butcher’s block could work out cheaper. Those liking the appearance of stone may even be able to find a budget laminate material more in the region on £10 per foot that looks just as striking as granite and still has the same cut-edge-proof qualities.  

Choose a cutout over removing an entire wall

Many people are now opting for open plan homes. A cutout can often be just as effective as removing an entire wall, without as many electrical and plumbing issues to worry about. If the wall is load bearing, removing the whole thing may also involve other major structural alterations to the house, which a cutout won’t entail.

Notify your home insurance provider

When making any changes to your home, make sure that you notify your home insurance company. If you ever need to make a claim, they may reject it if you have not notified them of a new renovation to your home. Unless you are extending, it is unlikely your home insurances rates will be affected.

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