Creativity + Recycling = Upcycling. This is how and why you should do it.

Upcycling is a trend that seems to have taken the world by storm in the last few years. It’s all about taking something old and giving it a fresh lease of life by altering it and renovating it, so it fits a new purpose in the home. It can be a super fun, creative project too, as well as there being some pretty important reasons underpinning it, just read on to find out more.

Why bother to upcycle?

Perhaps the popularity of upcycling in the last few years is in part due to the realisation that many of us are making that we can no longer endorse a throwaway culture.

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A culture that gets rid of things for the simple reason that they no longer fit the most current trends in decor, even though they are still 100% fit for purpose. This wasteful attitude is thankfully something that many people are putting behind them as they learn to respect and care for the planet more, hence the rise of recycling and its sister task upcycling.  

How to upcycle: Step 1

The first step in upcycling something is to find an item of furniture to work your magic on. You can use something that you already have in your home, or you can purchase something cheaply that has been pre-loved.

Traditionally the latter has been slightly more difficult because if you pick a large or bulky item, it can be tough to get it from the seller to your house.

Luckily there are some companies with excellent reputations like the one you can read about in these Shiply reviews that can hook you up with a delivery driver that can perform this service for you. Probably, at a much more reasonable rate and with a lot less hassle than if you had to do the job yourself.

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Once you have the item of furniture, it’s time to work out what to do with it. It may just need some surface work doing like sanding down, a lick of paint, or a coat of new varnish? However, you may choose to something a bit more ambitious and disassemble the original piece to create something completely new.

A good example of this includes retro TVs being used as pet beds or bookshelves, as well as wooden pallets being broken down into shelves or used as headboards.

Step 3

Once you have an idea of what you will create, you can then get to the fun part. This is the actual creative and craft work that may include decoupage, painting, building or sewing depending on the materials you are working with, comes in. Check out for some inspiration.

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Step 4

Lastly, once you have your upcycled furniture piece finished you should do two things. The first is to check its safety of the job you have completed. After all, you don’t want shelves falling down, or seats breaking under people!

The next is to put it in its assigned place in the home and enjoy it. After all, you have created a thing of beauty and function and stopped loads of waste ending up in a landfill too. Well done you!

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