Creating a Rustic Kitchen

When you think of a rustic kitchen, what do you picture? Most people will think of a kitchen that is filled with lots of wood, warm colours and quirky character. So, if you are looking to create a rustic kitchen of your very own, choosing the right wooden pieces, including the floors, tables, and countertops is vital, but it isn’t the only thing you need to consider.

Here are some tips to help you create a comfy rustic kitchen:

Install Hand-Scraped Flooring

Wooden flooring that has been hand-scraped is perfect for creating a rustic kitchen because it has unique patterns than wood which has been scraped by a machine. It has a more textured, homely look than other types of flooring, while still being strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear that the average kitchen sees over the years.

Choose Wooden Countertops

Most people today seem to have countertops made from marble or other luxurious stones, and although these undoubtedly look fantastic, if you want to create a rustic look, you simply must go for wooden countertops.

Wooden countertops conjure up images of homely farm kitchen and country cottages, which is perfect for a rustic kitchen. They are also surprisingly easy to clean, and because you can buy wooden countertops in a range of colours and styles, it’s never difficult to create the look you’re after.

Distressed Cabinets

Obviously, wooden cabinets are a must, but if you want to ensure that your kitchen looks as rustic as can be, don’t choose cabinets that look exactly like the countertops or flooring – a bit of contrast really helps with the rustic look. One way to do this is by using sandpaper and paint or varnish to create a distressed look that is unique to your kitchen and which creates a more lived-in atmosphere.

Warm, Earthy Colours

Most rustic kitchens use earthy and warm tones like tan, green and cream, which set off the dark wood perfectly and bring comfort and warmth to the room. However, if you would like your kitchen to be lighter, light pine is just as good and goes well with whites, creams and pastel colours.

Rustic Accessories

Accessories can really make or break a rustic kitchen design, so if you want to successfully create the look, you’ll need to invest some money into accessories. Italian furniture might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a rustic kitchen, but you can find some great Italian wooden tables and leather sofas, which would look great in the kitchen if you have the room.

In a rustic kitchen, a cabinet filled with dainty crockery and tiny trinkets is a must. It might seem quaint or old-fashioned, but you can find ways of making it more modern to suit your 21st Century tastes.

Other than that, adding candles and bronze candlesticks, vases filled with fresh flowers, overflowing fruit bowls, copper pans, and kettles and aging antiques will all help you to create the rustic kitchen look perfectly.

Let me know how your kitchen renovations go!


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