Creating a Home Office That Will Promote Productivity

If you are one of the few lucky people fortunate enough to, either partly or fully, work from home then you may have noticed that it’s easy to get distracted when attempting to work. Your everyday surroundings carry a mental weight to them which you then associate with other activities which you suddenly find the need to do. These might be either productive activities like cleaning or sorting out your taxes but usually, it’s just making tea for the 6th time within the hour.

Without a proper change in your environment it’s often hard to get in a concentrated working mindset unless you are very strong-willed or have incredible self-control then chances are you’re going to need some sort of help in maintaining your work ethic.Setting up a home office or at least a proper workspace of sorts works wonders in this case. It helps mentally separate time for work and time for everyday activities.

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The Right Desk

Ideally, you would want your home office or workspace to be in a separate room altogether from your everyday living space, if that is out of the question then dedicating a chunk of a room will also do the trick. In order to properly plan out how space will be used it’s good to start with the right desk, considering the age we live in chances are it will most probably be a computer desk. If you are not familiar with computer desks then you may want to look at tips for choosing the right computer desk. Picking the right computer desk can be crucial for optimal working conditions as well as looking out for your health. The right desk height combined with the right chair is essential to maintaining the correct posture while sitting down in front of the computer for hours on end.

Prioritise the functionality of the desk rather than the aesthetic because in the end, you are trying to create a workspace rather than a showroom. Space for a keyboard can either be essential or near useless depending on if you’re planning on using a desktop PC or a laptop. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t completely rule out a keyboard tray even if you are going to be using a laptop as your primary PC. Many people use a wireless or USB keyboard with their laptop because of wanting to preserve the laptop keyboard for a long as possible or just due to preference for different key switches which are available on mechanical keyboards. The option of having a full keyboard rather than a laptop keyboard which usually has no numpad amongst other things is also quite appealing to someone who is used to a full-board setup for a keyboard.

The Right Chair

People have different ways of resting their arms and/or hands while typing. From keeping their arms up and typing from the air to having their elbows resting on armrests and wrists planted, and everything in between. When considering what kind of chair you want for your home office, you need to consider several factors including how you type, but also whether it has wheels like a typical office/computer chair and whether it has armrests, and if so, if they are adjustable. While a lot of these factors are purely just preferential, some are objective positives. For example, being able to tilt back your chair can prove to be very comfortable at times, as well as beneficial for your back. Having armrests that can be adjusted to your liking will be very much appreciated by your arms after a long day at the desk. Finding the right office chair can make all the difference in productivity, which is exactly why companies like Office Monster ( provide a wide variety of chairs for every need.

In the end, having some sort of preference initially will help you pick the perfect workspace for you, don’t be afraid of going and trying out existing setups in furniture shops because you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in front of your new workspace.


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