Classic Looks: How To Make Your Home Last The Test Of Time

Sometimes it can be hard to stop yourself jumping on top of whatever trends you can possibly reach, in an attempt to make your home look up to date and fashionable. But if your house is covered in brand new rose gold items, then chances are it might just start to look a little out of date once our favourite metallic trend isn’t really in fashion any more. Here are some tips about how to make your home last the test of time…

Choose A Neutral Palette

First of all, make sure that you go for a neutral palette. Off white or grey walls are the new magnolia, and plain floorboards and white skirting boards will always look good. Larger items like couches should also be in neutral colours, unless you want to make a splash and turn it into a focal point of the room with a more boldly patterned fabric. If you choose neutral colours, it’ll be a whole lot easier to completely change the look of the room with accessories like paintings, different rugs and blankets, and pillows in different fabrics – it’s a good base to work from.

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Go For Quality Pieces

Spending a little more money may feel painful but in the long run it will be absolutely worth it. For instance, splashing out on a vintage Chesterfield sofa might hurt your wallet a little but in the long term, you’ll be delighted you did it – it’ll stand up to any mauling from your pets and kids, you’ll be able to wipe any spillages off the leather, and it’ll look more and more chic the more battered it gets. Going for quality means that you’re also going for furniture with longer life spans – it’s always worth it.

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Plain And Chic Is The Way To Go

As a general rule, patterns age much worse than more plain items, particularly if you don’t want to spend too much money. Ikea may be a bit of a cliche (and a bit of a pain if you don’t enjoy putting things together!) but there’s a reason furniture from there is so popular: its plainness means that it lasts the test of time and it never goes out of style.

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Choose Sustainable Materials

It’s always better to go for materials like wood, metal and glass over plastic. Not only will they last for longer, but they’ll also look considerably better as they age – much better to have a wood counter with slightly unvarnished edges instead of cracked plastic, right? In addition, if you want to get rid of those pieces of furniture it’s a lot easier as they can be recycled if they aren’t in good enough condition to be resold or donated.

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Go Vintage

Finally, vintage items will absolutely always be in, whether it’s art deco, designs from the sixties or even vintage items of slightly dubious origin that you’ve bought from your local thrift store. There’s nothing quite as interesting as furniture with a history – and you get to continue that history within your family.


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