Christmas is Coming: Prepping Your Home For Festive Visitors

Christmas is now less than two months away, and that means we all need to start thinking about how we’ll be celebrating the festive season. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is going to another person’s house for the holidays, then lucky you: you don’t need to plan anything other than turning up! However, if you’re one of the people hosting everyone else, then it’s time to get your thinking cap on. Below, we run through five ways you can prepare your home for the invasion of guests.

Develop a Plan

First thing’s first, let’s gauge exactly how much work you need to do. How many people are coming, and for long? Are they bringing children with them? Are they going to be here on the day itself, or just before/after? Naturally, the more people and more extended length of time the trip involves, the more work you’ll need to do. It’s a good idea to start thinking about where everyone will stay when they’re with you. This might involve kicking your children out of their rooms for a little while, so be prepared to break the news to them!

Clear the Space

If you’ve got a bunch of extended family members coming to stay with you, then your home is going to be less a house, more a hotel. To avoid things getting too cramped, consider decluttering your home well in advance. This will allow for more space, and also make the next task (deep cleaning) all the more straightforward. Donate your bulky items if you no longer need them, or, if you plan on keeping them, put them in self storage until after the festive season is over. It’s always nicer when people have space to unwind when they’re in your home, and this will enable them to do so.

A Deep Clean

Your usual sweep and mop job won’t suffice when you have guests coming for a few days. It’ll require a much deeper clean, which you might have to organise in advance, especially if you need to hire professionals to do the job. Specifically, it’s a good idea to pay the experts to give your carpets a thorough clean, though be extra careful that people don’t spill gravy and their drinks on it when things begin to get merry during their stay.

The Added Touches

With still some weeks to go, now’s a good time to start picking up all the small, added details that can make guests feel more comfortable in your home. This can mean a new set of towels, candles, water glasses, and anything else that you think will be handy in your guest room. You should aim to let your guests have everything they’d find in a hotel!

Account for Mistakes

Though there’s a lot of things to take care of, it’s important that you stay calm and allow yourself to make some mistakes. You won’t get everything right, but if you start getting everything together now, it’ll all go well.


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