Choosing Your New Home Gym

Life is a busy old thing, isn’t it? We work, we commute, we socialise with friends, we spend time with family, we pay bills, we buy food shopping – there doesn’t ever seem to be time for health and fitness. It’s easy to find it too hard to get out of the house to the gym, because of the lack of time in the day to get there. The other thing is that we all seem to live to a budget these days, and when this has to be cut back, the gym membership is usually the first thing to go.

So, what do you do when you need to look after yourself, but you just can’t find the time of the day to do it? Well, you decide to build your own home gym, instead. You can choose to transform the spare bedroom, empty the basement of all the boxes into self storage or even renovate the garage to customise a gym that’s going to be what you want rather than be something that others want instead. There are so many benefits to working out at home, and you can do so much more than just buying one treadmill and popping it in the corner of the room. You can do an entire transformation for your home gym, including replacing the floor and installing spotlights across the ceiling. The question is where you should start? The answers are below.

Pick Your Favourites.

If you enjoy running, then a treadmill of the highest calibre with the right inclines and the gadgets that you need for it. If you are a lover of gymnastics, instead, and aerobics, then installing wall to wall mirrors and padded mats for the floor is the best idea here. You have to choose what your ideal workout would be and model your gym around this. You could install a large television and DVD player to play your favourite workouts if you’re not a fan of machinery, too.

Weigh In.

Free weights are ideal for training if you just want a simple daily workout. You can look here for the best kind of weights for your needs, which often means buying a range of weights and sizes to allow you to progress.

Climb New Heights.

If you have the ceiling height, think about installing a climbing wall. It’s fun, the kids can get involved and it’s a great way to burn calories and tone up. If you don’t have the space, think about a machine like the Treadwall M4. It fits into any space, which means that you can continue to climb even if you can’t get to the space you’ve always done it.

Dance Party.

Those keen dancers and Zumba lovers among you will adore a home gym space with a sound system for dancing the calories away. Dancing releases endorphins, meaning that you will thoroughly enjoy your workout! Dress the space up in your favourite dancing theme and enjoy every second in there!


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