Before You Can Bring in the New, You Have to out the Old

Before you can bring in all the essential luxuries needed to make your home the envy of your neighbours, you need to first make room for them. Before you can fit your home with all new accessories and appliances, you have to get rid of your old things that are taking up space. You need to remove all the the stuff that is of no use to you anymore. Surprisingly, this is harder to do than it sounds. Below are a few hints and tips to help guide you through this task.

First of all, you need to fight the inner hoarder within you. Importantly, you need to let your head rule this stage of de-cluttering rather than your heart. It can be easy to feel attached to an item, even when you have not used or even seen it in some years. An item can bring back memories. It can take you back to a happy moment of your life. But, at this point, you have to ask yourself ‘does it help me now?’ If the answer is ‘no’ — the item in question should go. You have to consider what it can practically bring to your life at this moment in time. If it cannot offer any sort of practical usage, then it is just taking up room that could be filled with something you have an actual need for. You should save the memory-inducing to smaller items, such as photographs or jewellery.

But making space in your home isn’t just about ousting the old. It’s also about ousting dirt. You need to make space by not only clearing your home out out, but by cleaning it too. If you are going to adorn a certain space in your home in luxury, you can’t have this space be dirty. Specifically, you can’t have it be adorned with dust. As you probably know, dust builds up over time in areas that aren’t used. Carpets hold dust. Items and the cabinets or stands that they sit atop of hold dust. Nearly everything holds dust, after time. So, you are going to have to be prepared to fight it. And one way to prepare to fight it is to get yourself a face mask, such as those provided by Bryson Products Ltd. When worn, a face mask will give you the freedom to tackle dusty areas of any size freely. It would prevent you from sneezing, which would compromise the task. Most importantly, however, it would stop your chest and your breathing from being adversely affected during the task. To tackle the dust, you should take to saturating a cloth in cleaning product and then using said cloth to wipe away all the dust particles that have formed in the area. If this area is hard to reach, try wrapping the cloth around a knife — this will allow you to reach within even the deepest of dust-filled crevices.

So, the next time you feel you have an itch to scratch in the form of buying a new item for your home, remember you will have to make room for it. Remember that it’s not just about buying an item and plonking it within your house where you see fit. No, it’s about making enough space for it, and cleaning this space of dust, beforehand.


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