It’s Called An Entrance Hall!

If we asked you to name your favourite room in your house, it would probably be the bedroom, or lounge followed by the kitchen and maybe the garden. The chances are you would go through the entire property without mentioning the very smallest room of all, your hall, porch or entrance way! The hall is the first thing you, and crucially, guests encounter when they walk through your front door, and we all know how easy it is to form an unfavourable first impression. The rest of your house might be stunning, but if your hall’s plain, drab and uninteresting you’ll be lucky if they ask to see the rest.


More Than A Way Station

The hall is more than somewhere to take off your muddy shoes and boots; it should be a place where you can display beautiful ornaments, hang classic paintings and sent light hurtling down the passageway thanks to some beautiful, strategically placed mirrors. All too often the hall is just seen as a way station, a place of no consequence as you travel through into other more attractive rooms. Mind you, hallways are fantastic storage spaces, if your hall is big, or wide enough you could even include modular reception furniture or provide guests with a lovely antique coat stand.

Light Bright And Beautiful

It’s the first room that people enter so you need to make sure that it’s up to scratch choose light neutral colours like biscuits, ivory’s and taupes but brighten them up with a splash of accent colour, a vibrant rug or even choose mirrored, or shaded furniture. If your house has stained glass, or oriel windows don’t cover them up with curtains or blinds. Any light from the living room will bounce into the hallway and illuminate the passage in a kaleidoscope of colour while, on colder afternoons, shutting the door to each room not only locks heat inside but small radiators in the hall will help keep the whole house warm.

If you’re on a budget, or have been paying off unsecured debt consolidation loans over the past few months, you may not have too much spare cash to buy new prints and paints. Don’t worry as you can get some beautiful art second hand, or why not ask your kids to paint some family pictures for you? You’ll be able to hang them up for everyone to see instead of putting them on the fridge.


A Place For Everything

If you’ve always want somewhere to display your grandmother’s china cup collection this is it! The hallway almost acts like a gallery, because you’re taken from one side to the other and have plenty of chances to stop and admire any artwork or cabinets. Don’t forget the hall is also where you spritz your last bit of perfume, apply a touch of lipstick and comb your hair before you head out for the evening. Make sure that there’s plenty of good reliable lamps that emit a golden, not a white glow. Too harsh, or clinical a light could easily have you thinking an outfit or colour looks weird when in fact it looks amazing on you!

 Terje Sollie


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