Brr…It’s Cold In Here…

You can have the warmest house in the world with amazing central heating, but if you haven’t reflected your decor to be warm, you’re still going to feel that unbeatable chill. No one wants to come home after a rainy commute – in the dark, I may add – and sit in a house decorated to reflect minimalism. There’s a time and a place for stone floors and chrome, and it’s not during the winter months. Sure, you can’t lift the floor every year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it as warm as possible, right?

Warmth comes from so much more than the radiators. You need to think bigger, and look at your house with an objective eye. Pretend you’re a guest, if you must! It’s about the West Pier Shutters on the windows to give your home a rustic, traditional look. You immediately think of home cooking and warmth when you see them on the outside of your home – instant warmth without trying! It’s about the chimney being closed off to stop the rain and snow getting in. It’s cold in here, so let’s warm it up!

Firstly, let’s talk about that stone floor. Yes, it’s beautiful and functional, and yes, it really matches the duck egg blue kitchen. The problem is that stone floor is cold in the cold months, while it’s warm in the warmer months. Rugs are your friend when it comes to giving your home a warmer look. You can do that with the layering of rugs. Not only are they practical to keep the heat in, you can give the room the rugs are in a warmer feel as the stone floor won’t look so sparse.

Next, you can add some style with the curtains and draught excluders that you hang exclusively for the winter months. These don’t have to just be about bringing more warmth physically, but the addition of Christmas-themed draught excluders and beautifully decorated curtains can add life and depth to the room. Speaking of themed decor; the throws that you add to the living room in the colder months can also be Christmassy! You can get the layers into the house for those evenings you want to cozy down with a blanket and a hot chocolate, but you can also include it in with your traditional decor!

Don’t forget to expand the warm theme into other rooms of the house. For example, adding fluffy throws to the tops of the beds, and extra rugs and runners through the hallways are just as important as changing the lightbulbs for warmer ones. Yellow lightbulbs often give a warmer hue than the white ones, which can make your home instantly cozy. It’s so easy to transform your home to reflect a warmer theme, especially at this time of year that’s all about being warm, eating lots and generally being as merry as possible. Think both inside the house and outside, and you’ll be warm in the warmth of your decor. Nifty! 


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