Brightening up a Dark Room With Natural Light

Natural light is perhaps the most pleasant way to brighten up your rooms. It’s free from the sun, it warms us and it’s easy to let copious amounts of it into our house. At least, if you know how. For many people, letting in natural light is difficult because they either live in strange locations where they don’t get much sunlight, or their homes just aren’t built for it. Thankfully, with a couple of home improvements and decor changes, it can be easy to let in some extra sunlight to help banish those dark rooms in your home.

Glass Everywhere!

Add more windows—lots of them! It might require a lot of work to get similar-looking windows to the ones you already have, but the most straightforward (and rather brutish) way of introducing more light is to simply add more windows and glass to your home. A great way to let more sunlight in without actually installing a window is to replace your doors with a glass one. As long as it blurs your vision, it’s safe for privacy as well.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to install more windows, but this blog post explains how you can get the most out of your current windows even if they’re rather small. With a combination of clever decor tricks and curtain arrangements, you can make even a small window let in a lot of light, or at least give the illusion of brightness in your home.

However, if you really want the most possible sunlight in your rooms, then consider getting really tall windows. If you do this in a room such as your bedroom, then it could give it the feeling of a luxury makeover. Tall windows that let in sunlight and large glass doors that open up to your balcony could give you a fantastic feeling of grandeur that will make you look forward to waking up.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering gives you a lot of benefits. It can help you throw out useless junk in your home, it can give you more space in your rooms, but in the context of this article, it gives you more sunlight. Think of it this way: if you have loads of tall pieces of furniture or boxes laying around from when you moved in, they’re blocking sunlight from spreading around your room.

Depending on where all of your things are positioned, you might even be blocking a window with a wardrobe or something similar. It’s silly to do this, and you should always keep the space around a window clear so that no matter what angle the sun is at, it gives you plenty of sunlight to brighten up your rooms. Remove these barriers to your home and you’ll find that you can let in a lot more light by simply decluttering the home and being a little smarter about where you place your furniture.

The Outside Is Important Too!

If you have a luxurious garden with lots of trees and plants, then try to keep in mind the position of the sun as it passes throughout the day. It’s possible that some of your larger plants or trees are blocking the sun from shining into your home. It might be heart-wrenching to cut down a tree that you love, but if you really want to maximise the amount of light you get then it’s something you’ll have to cope with.

It’s not recommended to cut down a tree on your own. If you can help it, ask a certified lumberjack or a friend that knows what they are doing. If it’s a particularly big tree, then the last thing you want is for it to topple over and fall onto your home.

Keep It Clean

Windows aren’t going to let in much light if you don’t clean them. Dirt, grime and dust can quickly accumulate on your glass panes and they’ll need to be washed on the outside and the inside. You might also want to check if your windows have been treated with something to reduce the amount of light being let in. There are some treatments that purposely block light to reduce glare and heat, but if that doesn’t interest you anymore then consider getting them removed so that you let in more natural light.

If you plan to clean windows on upper floors, then ensure you have someone helping you when climbing up ladders and carrying buckets of water. If possible, contact a cleaning service to do the work for you unless your windows are easy enough to clean.


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