Beat The Bland: How To Personalise New Build Homes

I’ve been noticing plenty of new build homes being built all over the place recently, and while they have a lot of advantages – energy efficiency, cleanliness, and, of course, being brand new – they also all have one massive problem: too much beige!

I understand why home builders do this – they want the properties to appeal to everyone, and bland decor is the most appealing to buyers. But let’s face it, there is only so much magnolia and cream paint anyone can stomach, and new builds always seem to lack personality.

The big question is, how do you stamp your personality on a new build home? I’ve put together a few ideas for you, so read on to find out more!

Play the waiting game

When you first move into a new build home, you might have to bear with the beige for a little while. Brand new homes take a while to settle, and cracks in plasterboard, walls and ceilings will appear as your new rooms warm up and cool down over time. So, if you do decorate within the first year or so, it could prove to be an expensive mistake, as it will only need redoing once the settling period has finished. If the beige is too much for you to bear, a splash of paint here and there is the most you should be doing.

Plan your style

While you home is going through the settling period, why not make use of your time by planning your decor? In many cases it’s one of the most exciting parts of the process – looking around for new (or vintage) pieces of furniture, thinking about colour schemes, and deciding on the style of each room. If you need help, don’t be afraid of asking for it – luxury interior designers, for example, could help you use every inch of your space in the best possible way. But whether you get help or go DIY, make sure you plan each room before getting started – it will save you multiple problems.


Find – or create – a feature

Part of the problem with new builds is that they lack features – many are just square boxes that maximise space and save time for the building firm, rather than thinking of the future owner. This type of cookie cutter design can make it difficult to find a standout feature for each room, which is essential if you want to decorate. If you have a nice alcove or fireplace, it’s an ideal focus for the room. But you can also consider making one yourself. Perhaps you could create something bespoke by going into the walls, or if the cost of that is too much, even dividing a large room in two with bookcases or fabric screens could work.

Furniture and lighting

Unless you want to live in a super modern, minimal space, consider mixing up your new build home with a few select pieces of old furniture. It’s a combination that can work as the old-style furniture offsets the newness of your home, complementing it rather than highlighting it. Finally, the way you arrange your lighting can make a big difference in turning a cookie cutter building into something more interesting on the eye. Try using a variety of lamps at differing heights, and spotlights can highlight key features or pieces that show off your personality.


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