Bad Excuses People Make For Not Moving Home

The idea of moving is enough to make anyone suffer a sharp intake of breath, an immediate shake of their head. No! You think at the mere idea. I don’t want to do that! Moving is awful!

Well, yes, moving is awful. No one is going to try and argue that the process of uprooting your entire life is a pleasant one – in fact, it’s right up there with the most stressful things in life.

However, it’s also a necessary evil. If you don’t move house, then you can’t ever progress. You can’t ever use your property as an investment. You will always have the same neighbours, the same problems, the same old same old for the rest of your life.’

If that doesn’t sound so bad to you, then great, you’ve found your forever home! Genuine congratulations. However, if you fancy moving onwards – and almost certainly upwards – then it’s time to start arguing back against those bad excuses your brain keeps suggesting for why it’s not a good idea for you to move home right now.

“It’s complicated!”

Yes, well, so are a lot of things – but you probably do those as well!

There is a certain convention around the legal side of moving house that is going to be stressful. It is going to mean a lot of time scrutinising contracts, which is right up there at the top of the List of Things You’d Rather Not Do. Given that you don’t have to scrutinise much paperwork at all just to stay in your existing home, it seems to be a big worry saver if you just abandon the idea of moving altogether.

Why It’s A Problem: It’s never not going to be complicated. No one is going to come along and immediately sweep all those concerns aside and make house sales go through on a handshake. And besides, there are people whose job it is to deal with the legal side of things, so make sure to find a solicitor or conveyancer that you feel comfortable with and can walk you through the process.

“We’d miss the neighbours!”

That’s nice – you have a community spirit and actually get on with your neighbours, which is not a common thing in the modern age. It’s tempting when you know everyone and feel comfortable to hate the idea of uprooting to somewhere where you’ll be “the new family” for a couple of years.

Why It’s A Problem: Unless you and everyone on your street has signed a ‘never move’ pact, then they could move on and you’ll just be left behind. You might like your neighbours right now, but you can’t guarantee you’ll have the same nice ones in five years time – so don’t hold yourself back just for this reason.

“It’s too expensive!”

Finally, moving is expensive, from the cost of the new house to the process itself. Surely expense is a justifiable reason not to want to move?

Why It’s A Problem: It’s only going to get more expensive – house prices have a tendency to do nothing but rise, and inflation will take care of the rest of the costs. Moving now is pretty much as cheap as it’s going to be from this point on.


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