Alternative Uses for Everyday Household Items

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Any homeowner will know that the costs of household products mount up. Why end up forking out for products or gadgets that you could make yourself from what’s already lying in your cupboard? You’d be surprised how many items in your home can double up for other purposes. So, if you enjoy a little craft and DIY with the added benefit of saving some cash, read on! Here are some alternative uses for common household items.

Nail Varnish

Most of us will have a clear nail varnish that we use as a top coat to keep our varnish chip-free and glossy. But clear nail varnish has so many uses besides manicures and pedicures! Let’s start in the bathroom. Coat the bottom of metal shaving cream and shower foam cans with a layer of varnish to prevent unsightly rusty ring stains on the edge of the tub. This will save you so much time scrubbing and creates a more hygienic area for you to bathe and wash in. Next, your wardrobe. Paint a thin coat on the inside of metal rings to prevent green stains on your fingers. You can also use a small dab of clear varnish to stop a ladder from forming in your stockings or tights when you first spy a small pull. You can also use a drop of varnish to secure wobbly specs. Simply add a layer after tightening the screws.

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Newspapers are generally considered disposable. You read the daily paper, then dispose of it. But you may be surprised to know that it may have other uses, saving you expenditure in other areas of your home. If you have a pet hamster, gerbil or another rodent, you can shred the paper to make bedding for their cages. Voila! A cozy bed for no extra cost. You can also use newspapers to freshen up your fridge. Just crumple a few pages into balls, spray with water, so they’re damp and place in the back corners of your fridge for a day. Odors will disappear in no time.

Nylon Tubes

A nylon hose & tube can serve multiple functions around your home. But the benefits aren’t just confined to your indoor space. They extend to your garden too! Sick of having to head back and forth to the tap with your watering can to water your plants and flowers evenly? Well, we have a solution. Drill small holes along an expanse of nylon tube and affix your hose to one end. The water will travel along the tube, squirting out of the holes. This is essentially your own, handcrafted sprinkler system. You can also use a length of hose to cover sharp edges on gardening tools such as saws. Simply cut the hose to the right length, saw halfway through and leave the blade embedded inside. This makes the tools more safe to handle when not in use.

So, there you have it. The potential of items around your home is astounding. All you need is a little imagination, creativity and time. You could save yourself a fortune.


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