5 House Moving Tips You’ll Love

Getting those keys to your new house is exciting. When you purchase your very first house, those keys represent the next step you’re about to take in life. Before you take that step, you must pack up one house and move everything you own to another – no easy feat! You’ll remember the big things such as the furniture and the clothes boxes, but what about the little things? There are a lot of jobs that need taking care of when you are moving into your new house and with this list of must-do’s for moving in day, you can be as prepared as possible for the next step.

  1. Preparation is key. When you are moving into a new house, you need to clean it first before you move all your things into it. It may be a brand-new house, but it still may have been sitting empty for some time. If it’s not quite brand new, you’ll have noticed that cleaners have been in before you. Still, getting your Marigolds and bucket ready and going in to give it a scrub to your standards is important. Don’t forget things like the inside of the cupboards as well as the toilet. You want to move your stuff into a clean house, not one that’s going to engulf you in dust!
  2. While on that subject, check the garden. If you are fortunate to have one, gardens are an exciting feature for your house but if it’s overgrown, covered in old rubbish blown in by the wind or even a little overrun by resident pests, you need to get that cleared before you get the moving van outside. Calling in the professionals for wasp nest removal and hiring a gardener to give it the once over will save you time, meaning you can concentrate on your packing that you need to get done.
  3. Always pack an essentials box. A box purely with the kettle, toaster and some immediately available tea and coffee is always necessary for your new home. Include washing liquid and a sponge for the sink and add lightbulbs to fit the second you get through the door. Pre-book a grocery shop to arrive the same day you do so your cupboards and fridges are full while you unpack.
  4. While you’re busy packing, you’ll hopefully be labelling your boxes and using coloured stickers to show the movers which room each of the boxes should be in. This will mean that the boxes can go straight into the correct rooms as you move them in and you don’t get left with a lounge full of floor to ceiling boxes!
  5. On the big day, after the moving vans have gone, EAT! You will have spent time being busy with packing and organising. Before you get to the next stage of unpacking, get some fuel and fluids in and enjoy the satisfaction of the first meal in your new house. It’s always more exciting to order in rather than cook, so enjoy a floor picnic first, then unpack.

With these tips, moving day can be an exciting part of your new home rather than a stressful one!

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