5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Roof and Extend Its Lifespan

Whether it’s a new roof or an old roof that needs restoration, homeowners often wonder how they can keep it in good condition. A roof’s lifespan is directly linked to how often it gets cleaned and inspected, how it is ventilated and how it is maintained. Here are five easy ways to improve your roof and extend its lifespan.

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1. Regular Checks

First and foremost, if you want to easily improve your house roof then you will need to check it regularly. If you know the state of your roofing, then you know what needs to be improved.

If you have a ladder or an access point on the roof use it to check your roof for any issues. Doing so at least once a month should be enough to ensure that the roof is in fantastic shape.

Therefore, have a day when you thoroughly check the roof for problems both from the inside and outside marked on your calendar. If you are not available, have a friend or relative check it. 

2. Clean the gutters

The roofline is the part of your roof that bends down to meet the walls. From there, gutters collect rainwater. If your gutters are clogged, they can cause water to pool in the lower part of your roofline. Also, a clogged gutter can cause water to enter your home’s structure. Clogged gutters are a very common source of roofing leaks. You should check your gutters for fallen branches, dried leaves and even dead animals. The reason is that uncleaned gutters lead to a build-up of water when it rains.

 If you need a professional’s help, contact a professional gutter cleaning service.

3. Properly maintain ventilation and insulation

It’s important to maintain ventilation and insulation on your roof. Ventilation helps air circulate and prevents water from condensing on the roof, which can lead to significant damage.

The roofing membrane is the most important part of your roof. It’s the waterproof barrier between your roof and the outside world. The difference between a good and bad roofing membrane can be significant. It’s important to use a breathable roofing membrane such as breathable roof felt as this negates the requirements for traditional ventilation, providing a secondary barrier to the ingress of wind-driven rain and snow.  If a roof is breathable, air can easily flow through it. 

A breathable roof can also be used in areas where the air is particularly moist. A well-ventilated roof will allow for proper airflow, which can help to prevent ice dams, moss, and algae growth. 

Insulation also keeps warm air from entering the attic and cold air from entering the house. The combination of the proper ventilation and insulation prevents the accumulation of water which can damage your roof and result in mould, or other structural issues. 

4. Replace rotting wood or other deteriorating sections of your roof

As your roof ages, it can become damaged by water damage. This can happen during periods of heavy rain or when it’s snowing heavily. If the wood that makes up your roof is deteriorating and rotting, it can allow water to pool on the underside of your shingles and cause extensive damage. Replacing missing or damaged wood is an inexpensive way to prevent this.

5. A hose can help you

When it comes to caring for your roof, a hose can be a big help. A power washer can remove dirt and debris, while a rooftop rake can help you remove loose or dead debris from around your home. A leaf-blower can help you remove debris from around trees and other obstructions. A pressure-washer can get even more thorough and powerful, allowing you to clean your gutters and get into some tough-to-reach areas.


As your roof ages, it’s important to take care of it. Doing so can help you extend its lifespan and keep it in excellent condition for years to come. In addition to regular maintenance, you can also improve your roof by replacing damaged or missing shingles and by cleaning gutters. If you want to learn more about roof maintenance and care, contact a quality roofing contractor in your area today.


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