4 Signs Your Home Isn’t As Safe As You Think It Is

Your home is meant to be your safe haven, your castle, your barrier from anything that could potentially harm you. It should be the place where you can shut the doors and relax, safe in the knowledge that both you and your family are protected. 

However, as we have said before on this site, you should never take your home’s safety for granted. What if your home isn’t as safe as you think it is? These are just a few of the warning signs that you need to look out for. 

#1: You don’t have a security system in place

Some people think burglaries only happen to others. They assume, for whatever reason, that they won’t be one of the unfortunate few to find that their homes have been ransacked. These are the people who arrive home of an evening only to find that their valuables have been taken, and these are the folks who regret not buying a security system earlier. Don’t be one of those people! You can click here for some home security options, and there are plenty of other places both online and off that will sell you the cameras, alarm systems, and improved locking systems that your home might need. 

#2: You feel ill a lot

Now, there could be genuine reasons why you feel ill, and they might not pertain to your home. See a doctor immediately if you don’t seem to get better quickly. However, your home could be the reason why you get sick, as symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, respiratory problems and skin rashes could all be related to mould or asbestos in your house. You will be able to spot the signs of mould, but for asbestos, it might be best to bring in a home inspector to take a deeper look behind the walls of your property. 

#3: You are starting to notice strange smells

If you can smell the odour of rotting eggs, but don’t have any eggs in your pantry, it might be that you have a gas leak! If you can smell urine, but don’t have any pets in your home, it might be that you have a vermin infestation. And if you can smell fishy odours, but you don’t have any fish, it might be that you have a problem with your electrics. Needless to say, there are all kind of health and safety risks if any of these are an issue, so if you smell signs of trouble, seek help from the relevant professionals. 

#4: You have noticed cracks in your home’s foundation

Cracks can be located both inside and outside of your home, such as on the flooring, your home’s siding, and within the brickwork. If you don’t deal with these cracks quickly, problems can get worse, and your home could become a health and safety hazard. Find help from a qualified professional as, despite the cost, you need to remember that the situation will only become more expensive and dangerous later. 

Armed with the knowledge that your home might not be as safe as you thought it was, you can now take the necessary measures if you sense something is wrong. After taking action, your peace of mind can then be restored, and you can rest and relax with the hope that nothing else will threaten the safety of you and your family.


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