3 Ways To Turn Your Run Down Home Around! (So It’s Comfy And Livable)

The benefits of buying a home that needs a little more work are well known. After all, they tend to be far cheaper than properties that are finished and ready to move into. However, investing in a run-down home does mean that there is much work to be done, and the main focus needs to be on making it comfortable enough to live in while the rest of the work is being completed. The good news is that you can find the most essential tasks that will allow you to do this outlined below. 

Water, Electric, and Plumbing 

First of all, to ensure your new renovation project is livable, you will need to make sure it has running water, electricity, and that the plumbing is up to scratch. Otherwise, you could find yourself without access to the most basic of modern conveniences such as TV, or having to pop out every time you need a shower or wish to avail yourself of the other conveniences! 

When it comes to plumbing, pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom, here, ensuring that all sinks supply fresh safe water, and that drains effectively take waste away. For those looking for a more sustainable approach, you may wish to install a greywater system that allows you to reuse water that has washed clothes and dishes for other tasks like watering the garden or cleaning the car. Also, for both plumbing and electric issues a professional’s help will be required. Not least because choosing to DIY will invalidate your house insurance. 

Central Heating 

Another must when it comes to making a renovation project comfortable and livable is central heating. Indeed, it is common to run into one of two issues here. The first is that there is central heating but it is not in good working condition. If this is the case, getting an engineer out to take a look and flush the pipes may be enough to get things toasty and warm again. 

However, if you are faced with a property that has never had central heating at all, an entirely new system will need to be installed. Of course, putting in a brand new heating system can be a very expensive project. Although, there are grants available from the government that can help with this cost. 

To see if you qualify try something like this Free Central Heating Survey from Installers UK as quickly as possible. Then you can find out how much grant you will be awarded up to 100% of the cost. 

Flooring and furniture 

Picture located at Pexels – Licence CC0 

Last of all, to be comfortable in your renovation, even as you continue to work on it you will need basic furniture and flooring. It’s up to you whether you wish to choose the pieces that will be in your home when it’s finished now, or hold off and use second-hand or donated items for now. Although the latter option will certainly be more generous when it comes to any DIY or painting mishaps that are all too common during renovations. 


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