3 Quick And Budget-Friendly Home Makeover Ideas

3 Quick And Budget-Friendly Home Makeover Ideas

Out of the 79% of homeowners who planned home makeovers in 2021, 15% more we’re able to make it happen by the end of the year. This is an indication that people are still interested in home makeovers. For some, doing this before the start of the new year seems to reduce the usual pressure associated with doing it when the new year starts. Fortunately, improving the home can be simple and here are some quick makeover ideas you can consider for your space.

  1. Change cabinet and doorknobs

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When it comes to cabinets and drawers, the actual door may still be in good condition in many instances, but the problem might be with the knobs. Door and cabinet handles tend to deteriorate faster because they are often touched. So, if you’re contemplating carrying out some makeover at home, you can start with the knobs and handles. Internal doors like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are most affected. Therefore, you may want to start the changes from there. 

You can still make total changes to doors and cabinets where necessary and if you have the budget for it. For example, you can try using replacement kitchen doors for this part of the home. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials used for knobs and handles. Depending on the theme you wish to create, it would be wise to choose something that complements your space.

  1. Upgrade your light switches

If the light switches in your home are white or a lighter colour, you will start to notice stains and grime on the surface. This happens from a buildup of dust, sweat and dirt from constant contact while using the switch. Indeed, these can be unsightly around the home, which explains the need to work on them. Thanks to technology, you will find various light switch covers with intricate designs to match your internal décor.

If you’re carrying out a DIY project, you can opt for wallpaper design cut-outs for a quick makeover. Moreover, decorative or wallpaper-covered light switches are budget-friendly and easy to make. Although it’s easy to make, you may want to ensure the corners are properly cut out to prevent the wallpaper from overlapping around the edges. Regardless of whether you’re using a pre-cut light switch cover or wallpaper cut-outs, try to make it blend effortlessly with the wall colour.

  1. Upgrade your wall arts, decorative mirrors and photos on the accent wall

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If you’ve always loved wall arts and had them around the home, now may be an ideal time to switch them up quite a bit. Instead of buying new wall art, you can move living room wall art into the bedroom and vice versa. Again, you can swap your dining area art with what you have in the kitchen. These are quick makeovers that do not require spending money to carry out.

On the other hand, if you decide to buy new art, a large interesting piece on an expansive interior wall may just make all the difference. You can also play around a bit with decorative mirrors. Usually, you have the option to mix up different mirror shapes during the quick makeover. However, if you’re using two mirrors on both sides of a furniture item, using the same mirror shapes is advisable. This helps to create balance and focus in the space.

You can use the same strategy with your photos as you did with the wall art. Swapping can create an instant boost to complement the overall effect you wish to create. Makeovers thrive on the concept of creating visual appeal, and once you get that right, the rest can be easy to do.


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