3 Cheap Ways To Warm Your Home This Winter

Now that winter is on the way, you need to start preparing your home. If your house gets cold easily, your energy bills could end up being very high and your home won’t be a very nice environment to spend time in. In some houses, especially older ones, you might have a problem with insulation, so the house loses heat very quickly. If you really can’t keep the house warm, you might have to think about upgrading the insulation in the walls and roof. The bad news is, that will be very expensive and you might not be able to afford it. The good news is, you might not have to pay for new insulation at all. There are some great little tricks that you can use to keep your home warm, and they won’t cost you that much at all. These are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to beat the cold in your home this winter. 

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Rearrange The Furniture 

Sometimes, people find that they struggle to heat a room and they assume that it’s down to poor insulation or a problem with the radiators. But in reality, it’s the way that they have arranged the furniture. If you put a sofa, for example, right in front of the radiator, you block all of the heat and it gets absorbed. The sofa might be warm, but the rest of the room will be freezing cold because you are not allowing the heat to circulate properly. It’s worth taking a look at the furniture arrangement in cold rooms and seeing if you can move things around so the heat can circulate better. 

Add A Rug 

Rooms that have hardwood flooring can be a big problem in the winter because it gets very cold in there. You’ll notice that the carpeted rooms in the house are much nicer and that’s because it’s like an added layer of insulation, and it’s not as cold on your feet either. But you don’t want to cover that nice hardwood floor with a carpet, so what can you do? Just add a rug instead. This is a great trick for any room that doesn’t have carpets and you can even get a kitchen rug to make it a bit cosier in there as well. The kitchen is often one of the hardest rooms to keep warm because it doesn’t have any soft furnishings, so a rug can go a long way. 

Block Out Draughts 

All homes have small gaps that let in cold air, but people don’t realise just how much difference that can actually make. If you don’t draught proof your home, it will be a lot harder to keep it warm in the winter. Pay particular attention to the gaps underneath doors and the seals around windows because these are common areas where cold air can get in. 

There may not be any need to spend lots of money on expensive insulation. These simple tricks could be enough to keep your home nice and warm this winter. 


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