Vegetarian Food in Bournemouth

This past weekend i went away for a girly weekend in Bournemouth. We had a great weekend which mainly consisted of eating and drinking of course.

I travelled to Bournemouth on a National Express coach as it was half the price of the train (which would have had 2 changes). It was such a comfortable journey and not only was there wifi onboard i also downloaded their entertainment app and watched ‘Bridesmaids’ each way! I had a few embarrassing laugh out loud moments onboard watching it.

We stayed in an air bnb about a 25 minute walk from the centre, it was a lovely walk along the seafront to the town, so of course we started the weekend in style, drinking wine out of a plastic cup on the seafront. Bournemouth Sea Front


Moving onto the food, this is the first weekend away since i went vegetarian. Although i would like to try a more plant based way of eating soon, i took the pressure off myself and went for vegetarian rather than making my omnivore family (who were actually more than happy to eat veggie too) look for vegan food (however the vegan options were on hand in so many places).

On the Friday, we all arrived at different times so decided we would get take out delivered. We opted for a pizza hut delivery so i shared a veggie supreme, which included fresh spinach, mixed peppers, red onions, sweetcorn and mushrooms. The pizza was delicious, loaded with veggies and not a lot of cheese – how i like it. Unfortunately i did not get a photo, by that point it was 9pm and we were starving so hoovered it up, but it looked just like this except we opted for thin base…

Pizza Hut Veggie Supreme


On the saturday, we had a simple breakfast at the air bnb and then headed out. Our chosen activity for our girly weekend was to try out an escape room. It was good fun albeit a bit basic, we managed to complete it in 26 minutes! Cyantist Escape Room Bournemouth



Once we got out of the escape room, we went on the lookout for lunch. As we were going to be going out for a big meal on the evening, we only wanted something small (& cheap) for lunch. We found The Brasshouse. It had all your normal pub grub on the menu, however rather than the bog standard ‘bean burger’, they offered a Beetroot and Quinoa burger with hummus, such a nice change. I substituted my chips for a side salad. The burger was a vibrant purple and delicious! The Brasshouse Bournemouth Beetroot and Quinoa Burger

After lunch we had a little walk around the gardens and met some really colourful birds. Bournemouth Gardens Avery

A girly weekend by the sea wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream on the beach! Bournemouth beach

We walked backed to the air bnb, there were some great views of the pier on the way back. Bournemouth Pier

We did over 20,000 steps on Saturday so i knew i had earned my evening meal and i wanted a vegetarian feast!

Before going out for dinner we went for a few cheeky cocktails, well we were on our holidays! Lost Paradise Bournemouth Cocktails

We booked a table at The Real Greek and we were not disappointed. Firstly the staff were lovely and very helpful in helping us select what to try. I shared the Peloponnese platter with 2 of my cousins and added a couple of mezes to bulk it out. This restaurant is a vegetarian (& vegan) paradise, so many options to choose from. In our platter we had… The Real Greek Bournemouth

  • FLATBREAD (vegan)
  • DOLMADES (Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato and
    fresh herbs. Served warm) (vegan)
  • CHICKPEAS (REVITHIA) (Chickpeas with handfuls of herbs, olive oil
    and lemon) (vegan)
  • HOUMOUS (Our daily home blend of chickpeas, rich
    in tahini and delicately spiced with cumin
    and fresh chilli) (vegan) The Real Greek Bournemouth

  • TIROPITAKIA (filo pastry parcels with creamy
    leek, spinach and feta filling, handmade
    daily) (vegetarian)
  • NEW POTATOES (Delicate, nutty and tossed in olive
    oil and lemon juice) (vegan)
  • GRILLED HALLOUMI (Succulent grilled, squeaky cheese!) (vegetarian)
  • GREEK SALAD (Classic, hearty and rustic, with tomatoes,
    cucumber, peppers, Greek olives,
    red onion, feta and olive oil, finished
    with Greek oregano from Mavrouda,
    Thessalonik) (vegetarian)
  • FALAFEL (Our signature recipe falafel, served with
    a spicy yoghurt and tahini dip, pickled
    cabbage, tomato & onion salsa and
    sprinkled with sweet paprika) (vegetarian)

I love having tastes of lots of foods rather than one big dish, so i was in food heaven. Although it probably doesn’t look a lot, it really was and i was totally stuffed. In fact we all were that we opted to go back to the air bnb, get in our pj’s and play games rather than go out boogie-ing, when did we get so old?

On Sunday, we all had to pack up as our weekend was over already. Rather than have breakfast we opted for a brunch so headed back to a cafe we had seen the previous day that was offering a very nice sounding veggie breakfast. The place was called Blue Hill Cafe and i opted for the Veggie Breakfast, there was a choice between 2 vegetarian sausages or halloumi, which i opted for, scrambled egg, baked beans, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and toast, i also added spinach to mine. Blue Hill Cafe Bournemouth

It was nice to have a healthier veggie breakfast, it was very filling and not greasy. I will be recreating this breakfast at home very soon!

So as you can see, i had a lovely weekend of eating and drinking. The thing i have noticed about being vegetarian is how tasty and satisfying food is. I do not get half the bloating issues that i used to get and i feel so much healthier and lighter, even when eating out like i did most of the weekend. I think the vegan options really opened my eyes into how much easier it can be to try to be plant-based. Even the cafe where we had brunch offered a vegan brunch which i think is fabulous.

I am going to continue being vegetarian as i feel so good on it, in January i am going to do Veganuary and in the meantime, keep trying more and more plant-based meals as i feel so good eating this way.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what i ate in Bournemouth, let me know if you like these kinds of posts, i love food and sharing what i find.


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  1. Ilyse
    5th October 2017 / 7:04 pm

    I really did not miss meat at the weekend, in fact I have not eaten meat since being home, I’m enjoying veggie food too much x

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