Shin of Beef Stew and Apple Cinnamon Crumble

I love cooking… i especially love cooking, warming, comforting food at this time of year. As soon as the temperature drops outside, i am in the kitchen, dusting off my slow cooker and getting my favourite crumble recipe ready.


I recently discovered shin of beef, not only is it a cheap cut of meat (i paid £4 for a kg – this made 2 separate meals), it also is the most tender and succulent of meat in the slow cooker. I throw it in the cooker with carrot, potato, onion and a bit later i add pearl barley. This particular stew i served with suede and potato – normally i would make dumplings but ran out of time. It is cooked in water and low salt vegetable stock on low for 9 hours the result…

Wow, just wow. The meat just falls apart, it is a very fatty cut of beef so i try and remove as much as i can before serving. Any leftovers are turned into stew pie the next day… it’s the meal that just keeps giving. This meal actually cost:

  • Shin of beef – (£4 per kg – i used half) – £2
  • Stew pack of veg from local market – £1
  • Pearl barley – 69p (but i used about 1/4) 18p

I already had the stock cubes and a couple of potatoes so this cost £3.18  for a meal for 2 adults and 2 children. I also had enough to make a small pie the next day!

I love tasty and thrifty meals! I followed the stew with an apple and cinnamon crumble. The apples were gifted by a kind person in my town who left them outside the front of their house for anyone to take and make use of – wonderful!

I use the same crumble topping recipe with wonderful success every time – i love these little books, the recipes are easy, short and simple.


We’re more of a custard with your crumble when the weather is cold and cream when it is warm kinda family.

apple cinnamon crumble

The cinnamon is warming and just tastes so appropriate at this time of year!

What is your favourite crumble combination? I always make apple and cinnamon, i need to branch out more 🙂

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