How To Eat Comfort Food Without Breaking The Calorie Bank

Comfort food is just the best. It makes you feel good, it tastes good, but the problem is that it’s usually a bit naughty too, high in fat, calories, carbs, etc. because that combination is just irresistible. Some of our most-loved family dinners are calorific which is very annoying. But what if you could have comfort food and still lose weight or just not put it on depending on what your goals are?

There are a few helpful tips you can use so you can still enjoy your favorites.

Don’t Use Too Much Oil

When you’re cooking or frying try to measure the amount of oil you use, keeping it to roughly one teaspoon a person as this can significantly reduce the calorie content of your final dish.

Include At Least One Portion Of Vegetables

Whatever you’re eating, try to have at least one, if not two portions of vegetables with it so that you boost the fiber and nutrient content of your meal, which will keep you full and satisfied, without adding too much to the calorie content.

Swap Meat For Plant Alternatives

You could try a “Meat-Free Monday,” which will help to you boost the fiber content of your meals or include more beans, nuts, and pulses in your meals – bean burgers, for example, are delicious but low in calories.

Grate Your Cheese

Grating your cheese helps it to go a little further, and you can sprinkle it all over your dish and reduce the calorie content of your meal.

Swap creamy sauces for tomato-based sauces

This isn’t always possible, but when it comes to curries and pasta dishes, you can certainly do it.

Use more herbs and spices

Herbs and spices will flavor your dish enabling you to leave out the butter and salt in recipes. Experimenting with new flavors can be interesting too, giving your taste buds something different to enjoy.

Use Vegetable Replacements

Have you tried courgetti instead of spaghetti? Cauliflower rice instead of regular rice? Butternut Squash chips or lasagne sheets? There are so many ways of doing this, and it means you include more vegetables by replacing something else, but you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Give it a try and see what you think.

A few quick and easy meal ideas for comforting yet healthy meals are, soup – always makes you feel warm and satisfied, Homemade pizza can be created with a cauliflower base, a pitta bread or a wholemeal wrap. Top it with tonnes of veg, and some grated cheese and voila! You have a healthy pizza. Then you can’t go wrong with a healthy but yummy stir-fry, it is one of the simplest healthy meals you can make. Add a tonne of vegetables like baby corn, onion, peppers or green beans, then add toss some chicken, fish, prawns or tofu and nuts to make sure you’re getting some protein and iron in there too. To flavor, you could also add peanut butter or a few splashes of soya sauce.


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