Don’t Allow Dietary Requirements Prevent You From Losing Weight

While your weight shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your happiness, shifting the few extra pounds that you ended up putting on at Christmas can do wonders for your self confidence and will leave you feeling healthier. Going on fad diets never works for anyone so don’t be tempted by the cabbage soup, vinegar or half an apple a day diet. These aren’t healthy and can end up doing you more harm than good. Yes, you might lose weight fast, but you’ll feel awful and you’ll put it straight back on again when you start eating normally. Instead, you need to change your whole approach to eating. This can be tough if you have specific dietary requirements or if you suffer from allergies. However, by following a few simple rules, this needn’t prevent you from losing weight.

Go To Specialists

While it might cost a tad more, heading to a specialist retailer for your food can save you the worry of ingesting something that you really don’t want to. If you are coeliac and cannot eat gluten, don’t spend your time scouring the labels checking ingredients. Many well known brands might appeal to the gluten free market, but still make items such as gluten free bread and pasta in a factory that uses wheat. To be safe, go for the producer that ONLY makes gluten free products. That way, you can be sure of not having a poorly tummy or pain.

Gluten free isn’t necessarily healthier than wheat based products. However, if you are coeliac, these are the items that you need to purchase. Look at your portion size and ensure that you don’t have more than 75 grams of pasta for a meal. This may seem tiny compared to what you are used to, but it’s all about changing what’s on your plate and the proportions. Ditch the carbs in favor of vegetables and lean meats and fish.


Most people can eat pretty much any meat. However, some choose not to eat pork due to a religious observance and others need their meat to be slaughtered in a certain way. By sourcing meat like halal sausages, you can still enjoy those summer barbecues without feeling like a nuisance enquiring about the origins of the host’s meat. Take your own meat, offer some to others and share your dietary requirements. Often people are interested and want to hear about why you eat a certain way. Some sausages can be incredibly healthy, using leaner meats or supplementing meat entirely for vegetables. This makes the fat content much lower than pork based varieties.

Vegetarianism is very in at the moment, so check out the beetroot craze and the jackfruit frenzy. These are healthier alternatives to meat yet still leave you feeling satisfied.

If you do suffer from allergies, ensure that you check ingredients lists carefully. If in doubt, consider homemade versions of shop bought food. This way, you can make the dish that you are cooking healthier and safer for you to eat.

Having different dietary needs shouldn’t prevent you from getting fitter, healthier and losing weight.


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