Your Guide to Looking Great at the Gym

If you’re used to throwing on some old sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt before you hit the gym, you might be missing out. As well as playing an important functional role, the right gym gear can boost your confidence too.

Dedicated gym wear will certainly help you look good, but you’ll be surprised at the impact it can have on your workout. With specialist materials helping to keep you cool and comfortable, you’ll be running an extra mile and lifting more before you know it.

If you want to maximise your workouts, take a look at these tips for revamping your gym wardrobe…

Choose the right trainers

If you’re choosing your shoes based on colour or brand, you could be doing yourself a disservice. As well as getting the right size shoe, it’s important to choose a model that suits the shape of your feet. If you overpronate, for example, a shoe with extra stability will be more comfortable and will reduce the risk of injuries too. Having your gym trainers properly fitted will help to ensure you’ve got the best pair for your feet and you won’t have to spend big bucks either. In fact, many dedicated gym shoes are cheaper than off-the-shelf options. 

Layer up

You won’t want to start working out when you’re overly cold, as this could increase the risk of muscle damage. However, you want to be too hot when you’re halfway through a workout either. Choosing layers means you can adjust your outfit during the course of your workout and keep your temperature stable. 

A formfitting vest, with a zip-up top or Mass Aesthetics gym hoodie is the perfect way to keep you comfortable between workouts. What’s more, wearing layers will give you more opportunity to showcase your new gym wardrobe. 

Select the best sports bra

Designed for low, medium and high-intensity workouts, the right sports bra will keep you comfortable in the gym and help to keep you injury-free too. Wearing an improperly fitted bra can cause significant neck and back pain, which is magnified when you’re exercising. If you’re a regular gymgoer, buying a properly fitted sports bra could be the best investment you make. 


You might take your jewellery off before hitting the gym, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorise. Your gym wardrobe isn’t limited to joggers and hoodies; it extends to water bottle holders, belt bags and phone holders too. With an armband-style holder for your phone, you can listen to music while working out, without worrying about dropping your phone or losing it. Similarly, a belt bag will ensure you keep your locker key and essentials with you, without getting in the way of your workout. 

Choose unisex gym gear

Unisex gym gear increases the amount of choice when it comes to creating your ultimate gym wardrobe. As well as being comfortable and stylish, you can choose your garments based on their functional qualities, as well as their design. If you live in a household of gymgoers, a unisex wardrobe will mean you never struggle to find something to wear to the gym either!

Evaluate the fit

It’s easy to assume the clothes you choose to the gym aren’t important, but this simply isn’t too. If your clothes are too baggy, they increase the risk of tripping or getting caught in one of the machines. Alternatively, clothes which are too tight can be irritating and uncomfortable, and they may leave you feeling self-conscious.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of well-fitting clothes to choose from when you’re adding to your gym wardrobe. Whether you feel most comfortable in Mass Aesthetics gym joggers, legging or shorts, you’ll find that the perfect fit makes a world of difference to your workouts. 

Tie long hair up

Whether you’re male or female, it’s good practice to tie long hair up when you’re at the gym. As well as avoiding your hair hitting you in the face, you’ll also prevent it from hitting it anyone else! If you’re hitting the gym before work or at lunch, you’re probably keen to avoid a post-gym style. If so, it’s worth trying out some innovative equipment. Hair rings and doughnuts enable you to tie your hair up without having a scrunchie or band on show and they’ll keep your locks looking fresh too. 

Enhance your gym style

Treating your gym wardrobe to a makeover will motivate you and re-energise you, so you can look forward to more satisfying workouts. In addition to this, you find that dedicated gym wear can improve your performance too. 


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