Tips for Getting Started with Yoga for the Very First Time

If you’re looking to get started in yoga, there are many ways in which you do that. There are right ways and wrong ways, and it’s important to consider the method of beginning that’s going to work best for you as you throw yourself into this new experience. Yoga can be hugely rewarding and beneficial if you approach it in the right way, and that’s what we’re going to help you do.

You don’t need to feel daunted by the prospect of beginning on your new yoga journey. It’s not nearly as complex or as difficult as you might be imagining it to be. So read on now and find out about the tips and ideas that’ll help you as you start experiencing yoga as a complete beginner.

Start at Home and Keep it Simple

It’s a good idea to start at home and to keep things simple to begin with. There’s no reason why you need to overcomplicate things or make them more difficult than they need to be. When you’re just starting out, the last thing you want to feel is overwhelmed and under pressure. So find some simple tutorials to follow and start practicing. You’ll need a yoga mat and little more than that other than enthusiasm and a willingness to try things out. As long as you keep it simple, you’ll do okay.

Learn the Most Basic Poses First

When you’re starting out, you don’t need to worry too much about getting every little thing right. It’s more about learning the fundamentals of yoga and the things that really matter, such as being active while also remaining in touch with the mental and spiritual side of the experience. Start by learning the most basic and fundamental starter yoga poses. These are easy to perform and they’ll give you more of an idea of what yoga is really all about, and that’s key.

Pay Attention to Your Breathing 

Paying attention to your breathing is something that’s really important when you’re doing yoga. It’s not just about the poses, it’s also about how you breathe and how you regulate your breathing as you perform those poses. This is definitely something you should get used to focusing on and thinking about, even if it seems a little strange and unnatural to you at first as a newbie to all of this. Paying closer attention to your breathing and understanding how you control and regulate it will make a big difference.

Focus on Developing a Connection with Your Body and Its Movement

It’s important to think about the connection you develop with your body and how it moves when you’re performing yoga exercises and poses. The connection you feel with your movement and how you understand your response and breathing response to that movement is part of the essence of yoga. It’s about being in touch with your body and listening to what your body is telling you. As you start out, you should try to practice developing that understanding and connection.

Invest in the Clothing You Need

If you’re going to become seriously invested in yoga and you want to make it a core part of your daily routines, as you certainly should, it’s a good idea to invest in the clothing that you need and that you’re going to be wearing day after day. The right yoga pants for women will make a big difference and allow you to move with a greater degree of comfort, which really will help as you try to develop your yoga skills. Comfort also helps with your relaxation and that’s a key part of yoga too.

Be Comfortable Being Still

One of the things that people who are new to yoga really have to try and get used to is being still. It’s not something that comes particularly naturally to everyone. It is something that you’ll be doing a lot of as you perform basic yoga poses though. Holding a position and focusing on your breathing is a huge part of what yoga is all about, so try to get into the habit of being comfortable with stillness and not feeling the need to constantly move your position.

Don’t Feel the Need to Push Yourself Too Far Too Soon

When you’re just starting out, you don’t need to push yourself too far and start experimenting with poses that are beyond your skill level. If you do push yourself like that, you’ll place a greater pressure on yourself and you might start to get frustrated with things before you’ve even mastered the basics, and that’s obviously not what you want. It’s okay to take it slowly and you’ll actually benefit more from that kind of approach in the long-term too.

Contact a Class or Instructor

When you feel like you’ve got the basics under your belt and you’re ready to move onto the next stage of your yoga journey, you’ll probably want to find an instructor or a class that you can take part in. It’s up to you whether you feel that you’d work best alongside one instructor in a one on one way or whether you’d benefit more from the communal experience of being part of a larger class of people.

Keep it Consistent

Once you commit to yoga, you’ll want to keep things as consistent as they possibly can be. If you allow yourself to fall out of the habit of practicing yoga, you’ll lose the progress you’ve made and that’s definitely not what you want. Keep things as consistent as they can be and keep learning. That’s what it’s all about because there’s no end point in yoga; it’s all about continual practice and learning.

Now that you know what it takes to get started in yoga for the very first time, all that’s left for you to do is start practising the things we’ve discussed here today. Doing so will provide you with a workout experience that’ll be both enjoyable and rewarding moving forward and you’ll feel the physical benefits before long too.


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