The Different Types of Fitness Supplements Available

There is a school of thought that a workout is more effective when you have not eaten prior to it. A type of workout termed a fasted cardio adopts this approach. A fasted cardio refers to exercise of a cardiorespiratory nature that is performed whilst in a fasted state. This is a state where the exerciser has not only completed digested but also absorbed their last meal. This includes any snacks that they have eaten. It is to make sure that their insulin levels are at a low or base level. The thinking is that there should be a clearance of between three and four hours after a person’s last meal before any exercise is taken. So, exercising first thing in the morning before breakfast will satisfy this approach. You should eat again within 45 to 60 minutes of the exercise so that muscle glycogen is restored.

Protein Supplements

Whey protein is considered a good choice for workouts because it is a milk-based protein that is digested quickly and then easily absorbed by your body. Protein is critical for gaining muscle, so these supplements perfectly complement a workout.

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Creatine Supplements

Creatine is produced naturally in the body. It is a molecule that provides energy to muscles and your other tissues. By taking a dietary supplement you can increase the amount of it in your body by up to 40 percent more than its normal level. This then affects your muscle cells and your exercise performance, promoting muscle gain. Research has also been conducted that suggests creatine can even improve muscle strength. The supplement is extremely popular among body builders and athletes for its properties that help gain muscle and enhance strength. As a result, performance can be improved.


Beta-Alanine, an amino acid, reduces tiredness, meaning that exercise performance can be improved. A study has shown that by taking 4 grams of it every day for a period of eight weeks it increased lean body mass. The study was conducted on football players and wrestlers. Those who took the placebo did not experience as much lean body mass. A further study has reported that taking a supplement of beta-alanine supplement during a six-week high intensity interval training program was to increase lean body mass by approximately 1 pound, or 0.45 kg. Again, this was more than the placebo taken. The research would suggest that the supplement will support muscle gain when it is combined with an exercise program.

Other fitness supplements available include Branched Chain-Amino Acids, Weight Gainers, and HMB. Branched-Chain Amino Acids consist of the amino acids: isoleucine, leucine, and valine. They occur naturally in sources of protein such as meat, poultry and dairy products but can be further supplemented. BCAAs are important for muscle growth. Weight Gainers are supplements that allow you to get more calories and protein in your body. These are particularly helpful for people that find it difficult to gain muscle despite eating foods with lots of calories and weightlifting in the gym. Weight Gainers, as high calorie supplements will typically contain 75-300 grams of carbohydrates and 20-60 grams of protein with each serving. HMB, which stands for Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is a molecule that is produced when your body processes the amino acid, leucine. It is useful for breaking down muscle proteins. Although produced naturally by the body, taking the supplement will increase levels, therefore benefiting your muscles.

So, with many supplements on the market, it is possible to enhance your fasted cardio workouts and benefit more from your exercise sessions.


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