Why Sticking To A Diet Or Fitness Program Is So Hard

There are so many people out there that have really struggled to stick with a diet or fitness program. The intention was there, and the hard work was put in. But somewhere along the line, the program failed them. They didn’t achieve what they were hoping for, and they ended up feeling disappointed with themselves.

This isn’t fair, and it certainly isn’t pleasant. So how can you stop it happening to you? How can you ensure the success you want? There are plenty of obstacles and challenges to overcome, no matter which program you choose. Here are just some of the problems that might trip you up:

Too Short Of Time?

We are all time poor these days. Mums have to juggle the home, the dog, the kids and their careers. Finding any time for yourself is almost impossible. After all, there is already a worry that you’re not giving enough time to others. When time is scarce, how can you expect to stick with a program that demands home cooked meals and 40 minutes of exercise every day?

With all the good intention in the world, your priorities in life will prevent you from giving any exercise program the full allocation of time it needs. What you need is a way to make your lifestyle more like an exercise program, so you don’t need extra time at the gym? Sounds easy? Of course it isn’t, but there are a few quick and easy ‘cheats’ that might help.

Don’t drive. If it only takes ten extra minutes to walk, then you might be able to get up ten minutes earlier to compensate for that. Find conveniences in life like batch cooking on the weekend to feed you all in the week. Hire a cleaner, or enrol your kids in an after school club, so you have that half an hour for a workout. Write a list of all the things that rob time from you that could be avoided. Claim that time back!

Too Heavy?

Some exercise programs are ridiculously intense. They demand speed, strength and stamina that none of us has when we’re just starting out. But are you too heavy for them? No. Think about how big rugby players are. Extra weight doesn’t stop you doing anything, but it can definitely put you off. Do you have to do the exercise to lose the weight to be able to do the exercise effectively? Not necessarily. There are other options.

If you’re worried about injury or strain from working out, then look to lose weight in other ways at first. You can adjust your diet, and you can try a supplement to stop you feeling quite so empty. Orlistat is a weight loss aid that might help you avoid those hunger pangs that are really hard to ignore. This kind of tablet is designed to increase the speed you can lose weight. Once you’re ahead, start to build up the exercises again. Don’t forget, putting a time restraint on it won’t help. You can only get where you’re going at the pace you can manage.

There are plenty of useful exercises to get you started, regardless of your fitness level or size. When we’re too heavy, the body can start to change the position of the skeleton, so it’s important to go easy. Start with your posture. Not only will work to strengthen the muscles boost your weight loss, but it will also help provide more energy and comfort. Walk as much as you can. The speed doesn’t matter nor does the distance. It’s about getting comfortable with the movement again and preparing your body to get faster and go for longer over time.

Too Expensive?

Another common obstacle to improved health and fitness is the perceived costs involved. Gym membership prices are insane! Fortunately, you don’t need one to become healthier or fitter. You don’t need a prescribed diet or fitness program. What you need most are options that fit with your lifestyle, your budget, and your preferences. If you don’t like treadmills, don’t use one!

Everything you need to improve your strength you can find at home with no equipment necessary. Of course, a workout mat is handy! You don’t need special workout wear, but a good pair of trainers can help avoid ankle injury and blisters. You don’t need to buy prepared meals bearing expensive diet brand names either. Home cooking is the best approach to healthy eating, but a set of kitchen scales is essential to get your portion sizes spot on.

Food has increased in cost by a lot. While most of us have the intention to grow our own, this isn’t always practical, and won’t serve you through the winter months. However, buying some of your lean meats and vegetables frozen can offer cost savings. It’s still fresh (perhaps fresher), and it’s already prepared ready to boil, bake or steam. Just weigh out a portion for each person. If time is short, batch cook at the weekend so you can microwave individual portions in the week.

Too Tired?

Busy people run out of steam. When there aren’t enough hours in the day, we have to push on at double speed, exhausting ourselves in the process. If energy is lacking then it’s time to address these three things:




If you don’t get enough quality sleep, you will feel tired. Adjust your bedtime, and follow a strict routine each night and morning to help your body better prepare for sleep. It can be quite hard to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone. Try a multivitamin with extra B vitamins and iron to give your energy levels a boost. Fresh air and exercise will actually increase your energy levels rather than wearing you out more. You’ve just got to find that little bit up front to get you started!

Most exercise and diet programs are too hard to work in the real world. If they’re not right for you, don’t do them. Instead, find your pace, your flavour, and your lifestyle changes that will work for you.


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