Get Fit as a Group


Getting fit on your own can be tough. There’s no one there to motivate you but you, and it can also get boring with no one to keep you company. If you want to get fit and you have friends or colleagues who want to as well, why not do it together? You can keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable too. Plus, you can make everything much more fun if you’re working out with friends. If you want to get a group of people together to work towards your fitness goals, there are lots of things you can do together. Try the suggestions below to help everyone get fit.

Complete a Challenge Together

One way to get everyone motivated is to work towards a common goal. You might all have different objectives when it comes to getting fit. But you can still bring everyone together with a challenge that you all complete. There could be several things you decide to do, from completing the Race for Life to doing the Three Peaks Challenge. If you want to do something abroad, a company like Global Adventure Challenges can help you to arrange something. Climb a mountain, go white water rafting, or even take a team of sled dogs across Lapland.


Make Fitness Dates

Getting everyone together to work out isn’t always easy. It can be hard to match up everyone’s schedules when you all have commitments. But you can do your best to find a day, time and place that works for everyone. If someone can’t make a session or two, they can come to the next one. If you make fitness dates, you’ll feel responsible and motivated to keep your promise. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to not bother if you work out alone. But when others are counting on you, you won’t want to let them down.

Hire a Trainer Together

Hiring a personal trainer when it’s just you can get expensive. But you might be able to save money if you hire someone as a group. Many trainers have special group packages to help you save money, and you’ll still get professional instruction. You don’t have to have a trainer helping you all the time. Just having them for a session now and then can help you all learn new things and perhaps get the encouragement you need to keep going for your goals.


Compete Against Each Other

If you’re a competitive lot, you might find that competing against each other helps to motivate you too. You can set challenges and see who does best, maybe with a little wager to make things interesting. There are apps you can use for this, such as BattleFit. However, everyone has to want to do this for it to work. If some people are only going to get discouraged, it’s not going to be the best idea.

There are lots of ways to motivate each other if you want to get fit as a group. However, remember that everyone has individual goals too, and will want to work towards them.

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