Fitness & Health 101

You might think that it takes a lot of work and effort to stay fit and healthy. On the contrary, it’s actually not as difficult as most people think to stay in good shape. As long as you are squeezing certain things into your daily life, you shouldn’t have any problem at all staying fit and feeling great. So, what are the basics of fitness and health?

Sleep – 8 Hours A Day

Ignore those crazy people who claim you can function on two hours of sleep or even ten minutes each night. Yes, you will be able to function, but there’s a difference between functioning and working at your maximum potential. If you try to get through a full day on just ten minutes, you’ll be lucky if you don’t pass out.

Of course, sometimes getting a good night of hard earned sleep is easier said than done. Often there are little things that stop us from getting the sleep we need. For instance, you might find that your mattress is the thing stopping you from getting the right amount of snooze. While it might sound crazy a mattress that is too hard could be enough to stop you getting to sleep. That’s why you should have a look at a company like John Ryan by Design. With a huge variety of mattresses to choose from you should easily be able to find the one with the right amount of support for you.

Exercise – Two Hours A Week

Yep, that’s it, that’s all you need. Yes, there are people who constantly hit the gym everyday after work. But, if they are already pretty thin and aren’t eating a big enough diet, they’ll probably just start burning muscle. So by exercising too much, you can make your body weaker, and you don’t want that. So, try to squeeze in forty minutes of exercise about three times a week. Though do bear in mind that this does not include natural forms of exercise like walking to the bus.

Also, don’t assume that those forty minutes need to be particularly vigorous. It could be as gentle as walking your dog around the canal.

Diet – Five A Day

Getting a good diet doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything that’s bad for you. A little of something that’s bad for you can be good for you. For instance, red wine thickens the blood while salt improves the bones and joints. So, completely removing these things from your diet is not the right choice at all. Instead, have a little of everything in your diet and make sure you are getting plenty of food with antioxidants. An example of this would be broccoli.

Stress – Reduce It

Finally, one of the greatest enemies to your health is certainly stress. Stress can have varied, dangerous effects on everything from your weight to your brain. So, you do want to make sure you’re keeping your stress levels as low as possible. Meditation could certainly help here and ensure that you aren’t in a position where daily life is taking a serious toll on your health.  


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