Brixham Fishstock 2017

Welcome sign for Brixham Fishstock

Every September, Brixham hold their yearly Fishstock festival. It’s like a mini food and drink festival right next to the beautiful harbour.

Stalls at Brixham Fishstock

There are lots of lovely food stalls and of course, you can buy fish that is fresher than fresh, straight off the boat that morning. You could also learn how to dress a crab!

Fish market at Brixham Fish Stock

Inside the fish market, (where normally in the early hours, there is a hive of activity, where buyers come as far as London’s top restaurants to purchase the freshly caught fish) there was a lovely array of stalls selling local crafts and produce. They were also showing a demonstration on how nets are created, they made it look very easy.

Fish market at Brixham Fish Stock

There were lots of informative stalls too, the boys loved learning about all the sealifeĀ and undersea landscapes that surrounds the Devon and Cornish coast.

We then had the chance to look around one of the local crabbing boats, William Henry II.

Crabbing boat William Henry ii at Brixham Fishtock

The skipper of the William Henry II explained all about how the boat works and also some tales of his time working at sea.

Skipper on Brixham Crabbing boat

Myself and the boys ventured down the steep stairs to the living quarters of the boat. The boys were so intrigued by how everything had to be secured as we explained to them that it can be really rough out at sea.

Inside crabbing boat at Brixham Fishstock

The next level down was the engine room, it was a bit too steep and enclosed for my liking but i enjoyed watching the boys venture down and explore all the mechanics of the boat.

In the engine room of Brixham Crabbing Boat

Here was the view of the harbour from William Henry II crabbing boat.

View of Brixham harbour from crabbing boat

As well as the stalls and the tour of the crabbing boat. You get a chance to enjoy the gorgeous views of Brixham harbour. I love looking out to sea here, it is always so protected because of the breakwater, which is also great to walk across.

Brixham Harbour

At Fishtock they also do some great cooking demonstrations. If you want to know how to prepare and cook fish, this is the place to learn!

Cooking demonstration at Brixham Fishstock

If you’re lucky, you may get to meet a real life Brixham pirate… we did!

Pirate at Brixham Fishstock

Fishtock was a great day out, there were lots of activity stalls and fun things for the boys to do. The tour of the boat was especially fun. I think maybe next year we will attend in the day with the boys and then return sans kids to experience some of the food stalls and gin bar. There was also live music too so i think the evening right on the harbour would be a fun night out.

See you again next year Fishstock!



  1. 20th September 2017 / 10:50 am

    How much fun does that boat look, my kids would love the pirate ?

  2. Ger ( It's Me & Ethan )
    22nd September 2017 / 1:42 pm

    That looks absolutely amazing . Very colourful too! I think my boys would never leave ?? I love the boat too especially

  3. 23rd September 2017 / 10:22 am

    Fishstock sounds amazing! As I was reading your post it was thinking ooh learning to dress a crab – I’d like to learn that. The net making demonstration – I’d like to learn that!
    Also, there’s no way I’d have gone down into the engine room on the crab fishing boat either. I’m surprised and how big the inside of the boat is. It looks much smaller from the outside.
    I’m in Somerset so not hugely far from Brixham. I’d love to go to Brixham fish market and especially to Fishstocl!

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