Making The Christmas Budget Stretch

Christmas is fast approaching, I adore this time of year. What I don’t like is the pressure to overspend! This year, however, I have planned ahead and looked at ways I can make the Christmas budget stretch.

The first thing I have done is a present buying cull… it sounds drastic and I guess it is. It was hard but I spoke to some of my long distance friends and we have agreed not to purchase each other’s children presents this year. We are friends from university and our children really do not know each other, there is also the added annoyance of finding a gift small enough to post, postage prices can be a massive budget killer during the festive season.

For friends closer to home, we have agreed to do the same as last year. We did a book swap by simply exchanging a wrapped book that we had already read. This was great as it meant that my bookshelf got cleared of old books and replaced with a set of new (to me) books to read throughout the year.

Finally, I have been checking out websites such as, which has helped me find some great deals on presents and also offers a lot of freebies, which helps me save money to put towards Christmas.

What have you done/doing this year to help spread the Christmas budget?


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