Frugal Elf On The Shelf

This year i have decided to take part in Elf On The Shelf, the price tag of the official elf on the shelf put me off a little bit in the past but other stores have jumped on board and families can take part in the fun over the festive period, even on a tight budget.

My boys are now 6 and almost 4 years old so they are really embracing the magic of Christmas. We started our elf on the shelf craziness yesterday when a letter landed on our doormat addressed to the boys…

santa letter in blue envelope

Daddy reading boys their letter from Santa

The boys letter from Santa

So our elf is going to be arriving soon! I made the letter using Canva and printed it on some premium paper that we had. The boys reaction to the letter was magical, i wish i had filmed it, the look on their faces was sheer excitement.

Tomorrow is 1st December so i have some planning to do. We still need to think of a name for the elf, but let me introduce to our family elf and how we have done it all on a budget.

Our elf was actually from Poundland (but cost £2) – still a bargain, he is so cute and i love his little cheeky face. Our elf will have a gateway to the North Pole through elf doors that will appear in my son’s bedrooms tomorrow morning. These were gifted to me by the mother in law but they can be bought for about £1-£3 in The Works and The Card Factory. Our elf is going to be bringing the boys their letters to write to Santa, we will be then posting them to Santa at the Royal Mail (if this is done before the 8th December, the Royal Mail will send a reply). I got these letter sets from The Card Factory for 99p each. Elf is staying with us until Christmas Eve, i have a feeling the boys are going to be sad to see him go, so he has already bought them a little gift which he will leave behind for them, a little snowglobe each with a little elf inside, these were also 99p each from The Card Factory.

The Factory Outlet is also selling some cute pieces, i picked up this ‘naughty elves up to mischief’ for £1. Our elf is a little floppy so i picked up some floristry wire from the local florist for 85p to make his limbs a bit more sturdy and mobile.

If you have an elf and want to make them bendier, it is very easy to do. All you need is the florist wire, a stitch picker and some scissors to cut the wire.

Simply unpick a couple of stitches and feed the wire through, restitch and you are done!

our elf on the shelf

Our little elf can now sit up and has a bit more life in him now his limbs are more sturdy. I can not wait for the boys to meet him tomorrow.

I am planning his arrival today, this is what i have planned so far;

  • Elf doors will be put in place this evening.
  • Elf will arrive with a letter saying hi to the boys.
  • Elf will leave a movie out for us for our movie night, i have a feeling it may be ‘Elf’!
  • Elf will bring welcome gifts of Santa letters to write & some paper chains for us to make during the movie.
  • Elf is bringing a special breakfast with him to, cinnamon rolls and winter doughnuts (i will make these this evening whilst listening to a bit of Michael Buble!)

Are you taking part in Elf on the Shelf? I can not wait to see what these naughty elves get up to!

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