Little Loves – The Teacher, Foo Fighters & Organic Pinot Grigio


photo of the book The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

I bought this book a while ago in a charity shop for £1.50, it’s written by a local author Katerina Diamond and the story is based in Exeter which makes it even more interesting to me. I am only a couple of chapters in and am so intrigued about where the story is going. As I know Exeter well, I can really put myself in the story when it talks about certain locations. I will let you all know when I have finished what I think about it.


Photo of the Netflix Original Glow

I love a good old Netflix Original and recently my sister recommended GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) to me. I am an 80’s child (albeit young child) so all the nostalgia is wonderful! Who wouldn’t love all that hairspray, blue eye shadow and sparkly leotards huh? I am only 4 episodes in but can see a bit of binge watching in my evenings this week!


Who saw the Foo Fighter set at Glastonbury this year? I certainly did and they rocked! I have always liked the Foo Fighters but after watching them at Glasto, I decided I freaking love the Foo’s! The next day their Greatest Hits were being sent my way and I have been blasting it in the car all summer to my kid’s dismay joy. I particularly love their music videos, especially the one for ‘Walk’, which was a copy of the film Falling Down starring Michael Douglas. If you need a bit of a giggle watch it, it will make you smile.


Apple Pie Spice and Crockpot Cooking Apple

Yes, it’s coming into my favourite season… Autumn. Husband came home with 10 cooking apples yesterday, someone was offering them free (i love it when people do that!) I put them in the slow cooker with a little butter, brown sugar and this Apple Pie mix from Aldi. 4 hours later on low setting and my house smelt of Autumn and I can not wait to tuck into a crumble and pie this week.


Pot of Cien Q10 face cream from lidl

I suffer dry skin, even during the summer months. I had been using Burts Bees moisturiser but it actually wasn’t helping so have reverted back to this cheapy from Lidl. This costs £1.69 and goes on my skin lovely and my make up always looks dewy when I use this product, and what a bargain too!


Bottle of Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio

Did you know that Aldi now does an organic Pinot Grigio? Neither did I until my sister told me about it! For £5.99 this is a gorgeous wine, and I assume due to it being organic the headache the next day might not be so bad haha! This is my new favourite wine and will be happily chilling in my fridge over the Autumn months.

Hope you all have had a good week, who else is looking forward to cosy nights in this Autumn?

Have a lovely week!






  1. Anna-Mari
    2nd September 2017 / 6:26 pm

    Oh I do love the Foo Fighters. I love this song. I listened to them non-stop when I was pregnant with G. I love Aldi! They do some amazing bits in their at such good prices. Hope You have a wonderful week. Popping over from #littleloves

  2. Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog
    2nd September 2017 / 10:27 pm

    I do love Autumn but don’t feel quite ready to see the back of summer yet, maybe because it means a return to work! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves

  3. Morgana
    5th September 2017 / 11:42 am

    I need a trip to Aldi! I’ll be checking out that organic Pinot for sure 😉
    Loving the sound of that apple pie, it’s one of my favourites though my children hate it *sob* so we rarely have it at home. xx

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