Guys! Gifts That Girls Actually Want!

So you think you’re the king of romance, do you? What with all your flowers, and chocolates, and drugstore perfumes? Well, I hate to break it to you buddy, but these are pretty outdated gifts to be giving. Especially if you are trying to impress your lady friend. Instead, try something like the items below.

On Trend Jewellery

Well, they do say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend!  But when getting jewellery for your better half, you need to think carefully about it. What is her style? What does she already wear? As there is nothing worse than getting a gift that has had no thought put into it whatsoever!

Consider whether she is a cute, kitsch sort of girl? Then some bright acrylic jewellery like the items available from Tatty Devine might be a good bet.  

Or if she is a little edgy. Like she wears skinny black jeans and a leather jacket, then it might be wiser to go for something right on trend. Such as the ear cuffs, you can get from sites like this handmade pearl jewellery store.

Something Green

So a dozen red roses are kind of romantic once a year, but it shouldn’t be your go-to gift for all occasions. All that is doing is showing that you don’t really know what to get as a gift.

However, that is not to say that flowers and plants are out the window entirely. Instead, why not get something funky for her apartment? Like a geometric terrarium filled with succulents? Or even a long, elegant orchid? These are rare and unique enough to give as a gift, and almost indestructible! Just in case she’s not that green fingered!

A Romantic Day Out

But if you are looking for major brownie points, then you should consider organizing a special day out as a gift for your loved one. Why not take them somewhere that they have always wanted to go to? Like a big city, or to see a certain play or production?

To make it even more special, book a meal in a romantic location too. Think candlelight, wine, the whole deal! No girl can resist being made to feel like the most special person the world.

Something For The Nerd In Your Life

Now, so far all of the gifts have had some traditional romantic overtones. But romance doesn’t always have to be all hearts and flowers. In fact, it can be super romantic to be aware of what your other half is into, and give them something to do with that.

For example, if your girl is on the nerdy side, then what about an awesome computer game or a Lego set? Or even a comic book, could be just the thing to show that you care about her and are aware of her interests.

To make it easy she probably talk about the things she wants too. So just take the time to actually listen, and you can guarantee that you will get your gift giving right!

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