Focus on These Key Areas For Business Growth!

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t make a big impression- in fact to do well this is exactly what you need to be doing. Here are some of the ways you can boost business and get ahead as a small business.

Pay For A Good Website

Your website the online representation of your business, it’s the first thing your customers see when they come in contact with your business, and if you’re purely an online company, it’s the way you come across to customers. For this reason, something that looks smart and professional while being easy to navigate is so important. It should be visually pleasing and quick to load, research has shown that customers could be so badly put off a slow loading website that they would never return. So if yours isn’t up to scratch, it’s somewhere you need to invest in.

Have a Responsive App Made

As well as a good website that’s optimised for all devices, it’s worth having an app created too. This is because sales on tablets and smartphones have overtaken those made on computers and laptops- showing that as business owner you need to move with the times. Because apps on places like Apple’s App Store need to be verified, it shows customers that it’s safe to shop with you as you’re a legitimate and trustworthy business.

Be Reliable

When you’re a small, relatively new business, customers are taking a chance on you when they purchase from you. Instead of shopping with your more established competition, they have chosen to shop with you so you don’t want to disappoint. Make sure your products are packaged well and shipped in good time, sites like Shiply have different delivery methods you could consider. Make sure your product descriptions are accurate and that you are putting out items that are of the best quality. Make sure you do what you say you will as a business, and you will keep people coming back.

Get Your Marketing Strategy Right

The right marketing and promotion is how you are able to get your business out there and compete with your more established competition. It’s not as simple as setting up a business and people coming flooding in- you’re a small fish in a big pond, so people need to know you exist! Work with a professional marketing agency who can help and advise you on things like backlinks, SEO and social media.

Build Up Customer Reviews

Finally, if a customer has never shopped with your business before, it’s likely they will read reviews from past customers to see what kind of experiences others have had.  Research has shown that most people are happy to leave a review when they’re asked, so it’s worth sending a polite follow-up email after your customer’s order has been delivered asking them to review you. Third party review sites like Reevoo and Trustpilot are good for this.

What areas of business would you address for business growth?


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