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Muscle Food Slimming Lean Hamper Review

As part of the Jingle (not jiggle) All The Way Challenge, i have been focusing on the quality of food that i eat, so when Muscle Food asked me to try one of their hampers, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

The 100 piece ultimate slimming lean hamper retails at £79 (yes that works out at 79p per piece!) and includes;

      • 24 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts (5kg)
      • 2 x 170g Matured Free Range Rump Steaks
      • 2 x 170g Free Range Sirloin Steaks
      • 2 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks

Plus These Extras…

      • 4 x 112g Marinated Chicken Skewers (550g)
      • 4 x 114g Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers
      • 2 x 114g Free Range Extra Lean Burgers
      • 24 x 30g Lean Chicken Meatballs (760g)
      • 2 x 250g Free Range Grass Fed Steak Mince

And These Beauties…

      • 12 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages (908g)
      • 12 x 76g British Chicken Sausages
      • 28 x 25g Low Fat bacon Medallions (700g)

Plus These Completely FREE…

    • 1 x 30g Grillstock Seasoning
    • 1 x 75g Sugar and Fat Free Strawberry Sweeties
    • FREE Pick Your Delivery Date Delivery
    • Would Usually Cost £3.95

Quite the bargain i feel. Here are some of the meals that i have created with my hamper so far;

meal ideas for muscle food hamper

Top (left to right) – Smoked paprika and honey chicken, slow cooked chilli con carne, rump steak.

Middle – Slow cooked chicken stew.

Bottom (left to right) – Healthy chicken enchilada mix, lean beef burger, chicken lunch prep (using Mrs Dash seasoning)

I will share some of the recipes with you in future posts so make sure you use the search button for ‘muscle food’. The meat quality has been fabulous, the meat content in the sausages is very high, i would recommend having them in a casserole as may be dry on their own due to the lack of fat in them and although the meat cuts are very lean, they still have a lot of lovely flavour.

Muscle Food not only specialise in lean meats, they have everything and i mean EVERYTHING for your weight loss needs. You can also order fresh fruit/vegetables, ready cooked super veg, yogurts, cheese, liquid/boiled eggs, snacks, ready meals and supplements. Anywhere you can buy guilt free chocolate fudge syrup is a winner in my book.

The only thing you need to consider and worry about when ordering from Muscle Food is whether you have enough room in your freezer! Ours is absolutely jam packed and as a family of four, i reckon this hamper will last us a good 6-8 weeks – that works out to be £10-£13 for a weeks worth of meat!

I will keep you updated on what else i have been creating with my Muscle Food hamper and the recipes i have used/created.

If you would like to get £10 off the 100 piece ultimate slimming lean hamper (that works out to 69p a piece with the below code), then please join Fat Club Eat Less Move More group on facebook and use the code EATLESSMM at the checkout.

Lets get lean for Christmas… only 6 weeks to go!

I was sent a 100 piece ultimate slimming lean hamper from Muscle Food. As always my review is my own honest opinion.

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Muscle Food 100 piece ultimate slimming lean hamper meal ideas

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Printerpix Canvas Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a canvas from – i have been wanting to get some family photos printed for the new house but had not got round to doing it, so this came at a great time.

The first thing i can say about this company is their website is super user friendly, when i have used other companies in the past the uploading and choosing of products has been a bit of a chore. You simply choose the product so in my case a canvas, choose the layout and the size, there is plenty of variety so you will find the perfect size canvas for your project. The the fun part, creating the canvas.

Simply upload the desired photo, once uploaded you can move the shape of the canvas so it’s in the perfect spot.


Then my favourite part, you can preview how your canvas will look in sample room images.


If you feel the canvas is too small or big, you still have the chance to change the size before purchasing.

There are plenty of optional extras including; adding a gloss finish, thick and higher quality canvas material, fixing/hanging kit and the option for giving another canvas of the same print as a gift for half the price!

And it is as simple as that!

I love our new canvas in our home. The quality and colour is really good and the fixing on the back made hanging the canvas a breeze.


Other products available at Printerpix include; photobooks, cards, calenders, wall decor, gifts, cases, prints, instagram photos and even a letter from Santa.

If you would like 60% off your whole order at Printerpix, use the following discount code DEVONSHIREWOMAN – think of all the Christmas presents you could buy?

This is valid until 31st October 2016 so get ordering!

I was offered a canvas from Printerpix in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Jingle (Not Jiggle) All The Way Challenge

Myself and my good friend Lydia have been running Fat Club – Eat Less Move More group on facebook for almost 2 years now. The group came about after we featured on Katie Hopkins My Fat Story back in January 2015. The group has grown enormously over that time and we are now at almost 20,000 members and that number is growing every day!

I love being admin on the group and setting challenges for us all. Recently though, i have been letting things slide a bit and i am ready for our next challenge, so let me introduce you to the ‘Jingle (not jiggle) All The Way Challenge’!

Eat less, move more is not a diet, it is exactly what it says on the tin. In order to lose weight you need to eat less (this means crappy food not food in general) and move more. This simple combination will make you lose weight… simples! However it is not always that simple if you are not in the right frame of mind, and that’s where Fat Club comes in. With lots of support and positive attitudes, it’s amazing what you can achieve.

So in the run up to Christmas i am challenging the group to really try and step up their game so we can all have a virtual weight loss reveal on Christmas Eve… maybe in a new frock that is a size smaller, or even being able to work out longer than they could at the start of the challenge. I will be rolling up my sleeves and getting fully involved also. I want to feel and look better by Xmas eve so i am starting my challenge TODAY!

Here is my plan for the challenge, which i am going to be sharing with the group and on my blog:

  • I will weigh in and take my measurements at the start and at weekly intervals throughout the challenge, this will be reported on here and in the group on Saturday mornings until Xmas eve.
  • As i am a visual person, i am going to colour in a part of this picture every time i lose a pound… hopefully all the baubles will be coloured in by xmas eve!


  • Each week i am going to commit to a bit more exercise than the previous week. This will introduce me back into Hi Impact Interval Training more gradually and hopefully make it more enjoyable, this can also be applied to the distance you run or the amount of steps you do – i just want to see myself and the group improve… we do not have to be perfect, who has time for that?!
  • Each week i plan to try a brand new healthy recipe that i have found on line, if group members do the same we can recipe share once a week making our next weeks meal planning a lot easier!
  • Everything related to this challenge will have the hash tag #fatclubjingle on social media, so if you would like to get involved, join the group and use the hashtag, you will be able to see how everyone else is getting on too.
  • Every Saturday i will give a detailed account of my week, including what i have eaten, exercise that i have done and how i am generally feeling. I will post an update on Fat Club each Saturday morning, so members can share their progress also.

I’m so looking forward to this challenge, i have needed it so bad. My healthy eating and exercise has not been consistent since i moved house in the Spring… lets just say, my muffin has a serious top at the moment.

My ultimate goal is to lose 1 stone, which is very achievable in 9+ weeks if i stay consistent.

So will you join in the challenge and make yourself proud on Christmas Eve?


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Shin of Beef Stew and Apple Cinnamon Crumble

I love cooking… i especially love cooking, warming, comforting food at this time of year. As soon as the temperature drops outside, i am in the kitchen, dusting off my slow cooker and getting my favourite crumble recipe ready.


I recently discovered shin of beef, not only is it a cheap cut of meat (i paid £4 for a kg – this made 2 separate meals), it also is the most tender and succulent of meat in the slow cooker. I throw it in the cooker with carrot, potato, onion and a bit later i add pearl barley. This particular stew i served with suede and potato – normally i would make dumplings but ran out of time. It is cooked in water and low salt vegetable stock on low for 9 hours the result…

Wow, just wow. The meat just falls apart, it is a very fatty cut of beef so i try and remove as much as i can before serving. Any leftovers are turned into stew pie the next day… it’s the meal that just keeps giving. This meal actually cost:

  • Shin of beef – (£4 per kg – i used half) – £2
  • Stew pack of veg from local market – £1
  • Pearl barley – 69p (but i used about 1/4) 18p

I already had the stock cubes and a couple of potatoes so this cost £3.18  for a meal for 2 adults and 2 children. I also had enough to make a small pie the next day!

I love tasty and thrifty meals! I followed the stew with an apple and cinnamon crumble. The apples were gifted by a kind person in my town who left them outside the front of their house for anyone to take and make use of – wonderful!

I use the same crumble topping recipe with wonderful success every time – i love these little books, the recipes are easy, short and simple.


We’re more of a custard with your crumble when the weather is cold and cream when it is warm kinda family.

apple cinnamon crumble

The cinnamon is warming and just tastes so appropriate at this time of year!

What is your favourite crumble combination? I always make apple and cinnamon, i need to branch out more 🙂

Longleat Forest Centre Parcs

Last weekend, we went to Longleat Forest Centre Parcs for a long weekend with all of husband’s family. It was our first time visiting but everyone i told who had already been said i would not be disappointed… and boy was they right!

Firstly, lets start with our wonderful accommodation, we stayed in an exclusive lodge (apologies these photos were taken as we were leaving so may not be as perfect as when we arrived!) We had 6 adults and 3 little ones in our party and the lodge was a perfect size for us all.

The living area had plenty of seating and due to the Indian Summer that we experienced the weekend we went, we did not get to enjoy the wood fire.


Adjoined to the living room was our dining area, again plenty of seats and room, we had some lovely meals around the table and also some fierce games of the card game ‘cheat’!


The kitchen was well equipped with everything you would need and plenty of cupboard space, which was good as the Mother In Law bought half of Morrison’s with her!


The games room was a great addition, the kids loved playing in there in the day and the grown ups enjoyed a few tournaments of pool… competitive us… no!


The outside area had a lovely hot tub and a separate sauna and steam room, i had planned before arriving at Centre Parcs to spend a lot of time using these facilities as they were for our personal use only… however i only got in the hot tub once, we were just too busy.


The property contained 2 double rooms and 2 twin rooms, all en suite with either a bath or a shower. With so many people in one house, it was so nice to have our own bathrooms and also a personal balcony. The nicest thing was waking up each morning, opening the door, hearing the birdsong and seeing nothing but beautiful forest.


One of the en suite bathrooms.


The accommodation also had another toilet downstairs and a drying room to put wet swimming costumes, they really did think of everything.

As soon as all our party had arrived we headed to the Subtropical Swimming Pool. There were plenty of family changing rooms and lockers.


We took our own inflatable rocket which the staff very kindly offered to blow up for us. There were also plenty of flotation vests for little ones to hand too. We first had a play in the waves and then went for a few goes around the flowing river.  We went to the pool everyday and also enjoyed the outside pool, flumes and rapids.

We also hired bikes… i think bikes are pretty essential if you have small children who can not walk far as the park is actually quite big! The first day we had a trailer for the boys to sit in but when boy 1 spotted the bikes fitted onto the back of an adult bike, we went back and swapped for one of those and a seat on the back of my bike for boy 2. I actually loved all the cycling, i haven’t cycled in about 6 years but liked that i felt so fit (guess the Insanity workouts are paying off) and could actually cycle up the steep cycle path… and my bike didn’t have any gears!

We spent a lot of time around the lake. The weather was glorious, so we sat on the little beach that they have there, the boys went for a ride on a pedalo.



The lake was buzzing with so many activities going on, it really did remind me of Kellerman’s in Dirty Dancing 🙂 With all the trees surrounding us, it felt just like being in Canada (without the risk of bears).


There was also lots and lots of play parks for the boys, they were spoilt for choice.


Whilst the boys had a play, i had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte from one of the two Starbucks on the site… happy boys and happy Mum!


We had a meal at Bella Italia on our last evening, we had a lovely meal and great service. On our final day we had one more play in the pool and then had a bite to eat at Hucks, a burger restaurant on site. The kids had an all you can eat buffet… they got their monies worth. I went for a Texas Burger, it was a nice end to a great break.

I had one more place to check out before i left… the gift shops, which actually were reasonably priced. I bought the boys a Centre Parcs squirel to remember our time at Longleat Forest, we saw so many of the little fellas on our bike rides. The boys had an amazing time and promptly fell asleep holding their new friends as soon as we hit the A303 home!

We had an amazing couple of days at Centre Parcs, the only problem with the place was there were not enough hours in the day. We had purchased gym passes prior to our trip but unfortunately did not get round to using them as ran out of time. Just bike riding and the swimming pool was enough really but there were many bookable activities on offer for all ages. We hope to enjoy Centre Parcs again one day… a week on, i think i have finally got over all that swimming and cycling.

A Fresh Beginning

To leave a blog behind that i have been working on for over 3 years is quite a daunting feeling, but it is quite exhilarating also. My time writing on Fun Being Mum came to end a while ago, i started to feel uncomfortable with the whole ‘parenting blog’ thing because, personally, i didn’t feel right sharing the most intimate details of my children and motherhood on the internet.

This past summer, i took a step back from blogging to discover exactly what i like, because in this technological day and age these things can be lost. I spent the summer making wonderful food for my family and guests, i started a bullet journal, which led to me buying a sketchbook and gouache paints.

I have gone from living vicariously through others in the evening spending hours online watching youtube, to doing the things i really enjoy. I feel more relaxed, i enjoy my free time more and ultimately i am sleeping lots better!! Heck i even read 2 whole books this summer… something i never made time for.

I’m going to share my fitness journey, because i am a woman and am always trying a new fitness schedule! Healthy eating regimes, homemaking tips and tricks, how we plan to turn our new house (which is majorly run down) into a cosy, comfortable home and also… I’m the Devonshire Woman… so there will be lots and lots of posts about beautiful Devon on the blog.

I am very excited about this new blog, my blank page, to fill with colour and life, it’s going to take me a bit of time to find my rhythm, but i feel more comfortable here. I hope you enjoy my new blog 🙂