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Get Fit as a Group


Getting fit on your own can be tough. There’s no one there to motivate you but you, and it can also get boring with no one to keep you company. If you want to get fit and you have friends or colleagues who want to as well, why not do it together? You can keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable too. Plus, you can make everything much more fun if you’re working out with friends. If you want to get a group of people together to work towards your fitness goals, there are lots of things you can do together. Try the suggestions below to help everyone get fit.

Complete a Challenge Together

One way to get everyone motivated is to work towards a common goal. You might all have different objectives when it comes to getting fit. But you can still bring everyone together with a challenge that you all complete. There could be several things you decide to do, from completing the Race for Life to doing the Three Peaks Challenge. If you want to do something abroad, a company like Global Adventure Challenges can help you to arrange something. Climb a mountain, go white water rafting, or even take a team of sled dogs across Lapland.


Make Fitness Dates

Getting everyone together to work out isn’t always easy. It can be hard to match up everyone’s schedules when you all have commitments. But you can do your best to find a day, time and place that works for everyone. If someone can’t make a session or two, they can come to the next one. If you make fitness dates, you’ll feel responsible and motivated to keep your promise. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to not bother if you work out alone. But when others are counting on you, you won’t want to let them down.

Hire a Trainer Together

Hiring a personal trainer when it’s just you can get expensive. But you might be able to save money if you hire someone as a group. Many trainers have special group packages to help you save money, and you’ll still get professional instruction. You don’t have to have a trainer helping you all the time. Just having them for a session now and then can help you all learn new things and perhaps get the encouragement you need to keep going for your goals.


Compete Against Each Other

If you’re a competitive lot, you might find that competing against each other helps to motivate you too. You can set challenges and see who does best, maybe with a little wager to make things interesting. There are apps you can use for this, such as BattleFit. However, everyone has to want to do this for it to work. If some people are only going to get discouraged, it’s not going to be the best idea.

There are lots of ways to motivate each other if you want to get fit as a group. However, remember that everyone has individual goals too, and will want to work towards them.

Invite Nature Into Your Garden This Spring

Are you someone who’d always loved nature, from the beautiful flowers to the birds and the bees? If you are somewhat of a nature lover, your back garden should reflect that by being a space that invites wildlife in. There’s nothing nicer than a garden filled with wildlife, especially as having lots of wildlife in your garden ensures that there’s always something for you to look at, and if you’re a photography lover, take photos of. Now, the question is, what does it take to make your garden more of a wildlife friendly place?

Put up nesting boxes

If you want to encourage birds to nest in your garden, it’s a good idea to put up nesting boxes. Each bird species favours different kinds of nesting boxes, so it’s worth looking into the types of boxes the species that you want to bring into your garden likes. Ensure that all bird boxes that you put up are high enough off the ground that predators like cats won’t be able to get to them. It’s also important that any bird boxes you put up have some shelter protecting them from the wind, rain and cold weather. To encourage birds to nest in your garden, hanging bird feeders around should help.

Grow wildflowers

Although insects like butterflies and bees like all flowers, they tend to be more drawn to wildflowers. If you want to encourage more wildlife to visit your garden, especially insects, it’s a good idea to plant some wildflowers. If there’s a certain insect that you want to attract, such as butterflies, it’s worth researching what plants tend to attract them best, such as a buddlea, for instance. The best wildflowers to plant are foxgloves, bluebells, crocus, and thistles because these are known for attracting all manner of wildlife.

Create a nature pond

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden that’s large enough to build a pond in, this will diversify the ecosystem living in your garden. If you don’t have the room for a pond, a small water feature like a bird bath or fountain will also encourage more wildlife to visit your garden. However, building a nature pond is the best option. To do this, you can place a pond container in the ground, or you can dig a hole, cement it, use pond paint to seal it, and add a pond liner. While the second option is more time-consuming than the first, these types of ponds tend to last longer. A nature pond will encourage frogs, newts, and dragonflies to visit your garden. To make your pond as appealing as possible, planting pond plants in and around the pond is a good idea. It could also be worth popping some oxygen weed in there too, to help oxygenate the water.

Design a wilderness area

Instead of keeping your entire garden neatly mowed, section off one area to be a wilderness area. Allow the grass to grow long and the weeds to grow to create a meadow-like area that will help to encourage more wildlife to visit your garden.

If you’re a bit of a nature lover or a photography enthusiast, then creating a garden that will invite wildlife in could be an ideal project to undertake.

Transform Your Home Into A Dream With A Complete Remodel

Are you tired of having a home that doesn’t reflect who you are or what matters most to you in life? If that’s the case, you might want to think about completing a home remodel this year. There are lots of options to consider here but before you get out the hammer and saw you need to plan your redesign.

Check Out Design Blogs

We bet you’re looking to save some money already and that’s a good idea. Home remodels can be expensive, and the budget often grows out of control. You can save money straight away by forgetting about hiring an interior designer. Instead, take the ideas for your home redesign from some cool fashion blogs. You’ll find some great concepts completely free of charge.

Get A Builder

Next, you want to think about getting a builder for the work that you’re going to be completing. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the DIY route. This is such a bad idea because you’ll probably make mistakes that need fixing, thus increasing the cost. Hiring a builder straight away can cut out an issue like this.

No Money?

Once you have the design and the team to complete it, you might run into a roadblock. There’s no money in your account for your cool redesign. So, you have two options here. Either you abandon your plans, or you borrow. Borrowing money isn’t as risky as most people think. You just need to make sure that you are using a reputable online lender. You can find out all about that in the infographic below.


Infographic Created By Cashfloat

Treat Your Mum To Something Special This Year

When you become a busy mum, you start to realise how much your own mother did for you.  It’s not that we didn’t appreciate all her hard work when we were younger.  It’s more that you begin to notice the sacrifices, you understand how much you juggle and even more, how strong you have to be to deal with the emotional journey your children go through.

Motherhood is amazing and having children of your own really strengthens that bond you have with your own parents.  Perhaps it is different for men, but for women motherhood becomes a gentle nod of respect to anyone else who has managed to survive it all with their sanity intact.

So, this year is a great opportunity to really make your mum feel special.  Chances are she is the one who will plot with your children to make you feel valued.  It’s Spring, so Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Check out these great ideas for saying a small thank you to your mum, however old she is and whatever type of mum she is.

A really lovely gift to receive is something that is clearly from the heart so it is worth considering a little personalised art.  Perhaps there was a song your mother used to sing to you when you were sleeping.  A phrase she always said.  Perhaps you like the idea of a family tree or a beautiful framed piece photo of the whole family together and a line from a poem or song which means something to her.  Getting personal is ideal when you are trying to show someone you love them.  So get creative and really work out what would make your mum happy.

When we were kids, we are bound to have broken something that our parents cherished.  A lovely idea is to use Ebay to try and source the broken item.  It’s a lovely sign that the incident really had impact on you.  When our parents were running around after us as toddlers, the internet didn’t exist and even if it did, sites such as Gumtree, Preloved and Ebay weren’t the successful enterprises they are today.  The chances are this item was never replaced because locating it was impossible.  So see if you can bring back the memories and surprise her.

Of course, the chances are what she would really love is some time with you.  When was the last time you and your mum went out without any distractions.  Perhaps you could book a spare day or, even better, a day out shopping.  Even just an afternoon with a glass of wine in a nice bar or dinner in a country restaurant would probably go down a treat.  Afterall if someone asked you what you would like to do for Mother’s Day, wouldn’t your first thought be to spend it with your children?
Put some real effort into making your mother feel really special this year.  You have a lot to thank her for and probably a good few years to make up for!

What’s The Perfect Style Choice For Your Home?

Just about everyone wants their home to have some personality. After all, your home is a reflection of yourself, and the last thing you want is for that reflection to end up being bland, plain, and uninteresting! The problem that a lot of people have is that they simply don’t know what’s the best way to give their home the personality that it needs. This uncertainty is usually what leads people to make many of the more generic and boring design and decor designs that cause so many homes to look so similar to each other. Few things are more deflating than a home that just looks like a showroom.

There are a few different factors that are going to influence the way that your home looks, the most important of which is, of course, your personality. The last thing you want is a home that doesn’t properly represent who you are as a person. But one of the other crucial factors when deciding the design of your home is the property itself. You want decor that’s going to fit with the age and style of the building itself.

With those things in mind, here are some of the most popular home design ideas that you can try out and figure out which works best for you.


When you think bohemian, you should throw out the rule book. The whole idea of bohemian design is to reflect a carefree lifestyle. Steer away from hard, clean lines. Bohemian design is filled with soft edges and vibrant patterns. Things that might otherwise clash are perfect in this kind of setting. Moroccan and eastern flavors are perfect when choosing decor. Feel free to fill your home with rugs, pillow, vintage furniture. Comfort should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re creating a bohemian style for your home.


It’s time to get natural. If you’re the kind of person, who aches to be a little closer to nature, then a rustic design might just be perfect for your home. It’s time to throw away any ideas that you have about symmetry and order. A rustic home should almost seem as though it grew up naturally from the ground. Natural wood and subtle earth tones are key to creating this kind of atmosphere. You should be able to imagine reading Walden while warming yourself on some woodcall logs burning in the fireplace. Don’t be afraid to embrace a little bit of disorder from time to time when creating a rustic home; there’s nothing natural about neatness after all!


The operative word here is “minimalism.” Industrial decor is defined by a sense of utility and function over form and decoration. Now, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautiful aesthetic for your home, far from it! The key is to take that raw, urban feeling that the name implies and really lean into. Exposed brickwork and natural flooring are classic industrial design ideas. Large hanging lamps and a great deal of natural light are also crucial to giving a sense of light and life to your home. Don’t be afraid to throw in some splashes of color here and there by putting some vibrant art on the walls. This kind of style works best in loft spaces and apartments, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t create a fantastic industrial style in your home no matter where you live.

Ultra Modern

Precision is the name of the game here! There should be a strong emphasis on crisp, clean lines and a sense of symmetry throughout. The modern design aesthetic should feel as though you could almost have pulled it straight from science-fiction. Lots of glass throughout the house and a sense of simplicity and elegance are perfect for creating this kind of style. Think of modern design sensibilities as the polar opposite of rustic design. Modern homes should be totally free of clutter, and everything should be in its right place.


This kind of style is heavily rooted in European design sensibilities, with an emphasis on ornate furnishings and rich color palettes. A great deal of dark, varnished wood furniture works perfectly with this kind of design, and there should be a sense of history throughout your home. You want to maintain a neatness and lack of clutter, but the decor itself should be filled with ornate designs, curved lines and a sense of depth.


Now here is a style that puts all of its emphasis on function over form. In the mid-century “Bauhaus” style of design, the idea is that the beauty of something comes from how well it works. A chair is beautiful when it’s stripped down to it’s simplest elements. Because of this, mid-century styles tend to incorporate a great deal of minimalism with an emphasis on bold, statement-making designs. Things like monochromatic decorations that stand out against plain walls and floors give a sense of life and energy to even the simplest room. Look back at the way that homes were decorated in the Fifties in order to give yourself the best possible idea of the kinds of ideas that you should be trying to borrow if you want to bring this kind of aesthetic into your home.

One incredibly important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t feel limited to any single style. You can’t be summed up in a single idea and neither should your home. Mix and match styles, figure out what works for you. Perhaps you want a modern home that intersects with traditional design elements? Or maybe you want to give your rustic home a splash of color and excitement with some bohemian rugs and pillows? Things like this are completely fine because, after all, it is your home and the only person who gets to decide how it looks is you. Just don’t be afraid to experiment a little. That way you’ll be able to create a style for your home that is completely and utterly unique.

Guys! Gifts That Girls Actually Want!

So you think you’re the king of romance, do you? What with all your flowers, and chocolates, and drugstore perfumes? Well, I hate to break it to you buddy, but these are pretty outdated gifts to be giving. Especially if you are trying to impress your lady friend. Instead, try something like the items below.

On Trend Jewellery

Well, they do say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend!  But when getting jewellery for your better half, you need to think carefully about it. What is her style? What does she already wear? As there is nothing worse than getting a gift that has had no thought put into it whatsoever!

Consider whether she is a cute, kitsch sort of girl? Then some bright acrylic jewellery like the items available from Tatty Devine might be a good bet.  

Or if she is a little edgy. Like she wears skinny black jeans and a leather jacket, then it might be wiser to go for something right on trend. Such as the ear cuffs, you can get from sites like this handmade pearl jewellery store.

Something Green

So a dozen red roses are kind of romantic once a year, but it shouldn’t be your go-to gift for all occasions. All that is doing is showing that you don’t really know what to get as a gift.

However, that is not to say that flowers and plants are out the window entirely. Instead, why not get something funky for her apartment? Like a geometric terrarium filled with succulents? Or even a long, elegant orchid? These are rare and unique enough to give as a gift, and almost indestructible! Just in case she’s not that green fingered!

A Romantic Day Out

But if you are looking for major brownie points, then you should consider organizing a special day out as a gift for your loved one. Why not take them somewhere that they have always wanted to go to? Like a big city, or to see a certain play or production?

To make it even more special, book a meal in a romantic location too. Think candlelight, wine, the whole deal! No girl can resist being made to feel like the most special person the world.

Something For The Nerd In Your Life

Now, so far all of the gifts have had some traditional romantic overtones. But romance doesn’t always have to be all hearts and flowers. In fact, it can be super romantic to be aware of what your other half is into, and give them something to do with that.

For example, if your girl is on the nerdy side, then what about an awesome computer game or a Lego set? Or even a comic book, could be just the thing to show that you care about her and are aware of her interests.

To make it easy she probably talk about the things she wants too. So just take the time to actually listen, and you can guarantee that you will get your gift giving right!

Not A Fitness Fanatic But Still Want To Get In Shape? Give These Ideas A Try!

The truth is that we’re not all fitness fanatics and we’re not all built to love working out. No matter how much we try, there are some of us that just can’t learn to love the gym, and that’s perfectly fine. However, just because you’re not a fan of working out, that doesn’t mean that you can become a couch potato and stop putting in any effort to stay in shape – you’ll come to regret it if you do. So although you might not love the gym or working out, you need to find a way to keep yourself healthy, the question is how can you go about doing that?

Hire a personal trainer

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A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that personal trainers are for people who love to workout and enjoy heading to the gym. However, that’s not the case – yes, personal trainers are for gym addicts, but they are also for those of us that hate working out. You see, personal trainers are able to put you through your paces in a fun and unique way – it doesn’t have to be in the gym, it can be anywhere. So for anyone who’s not a keen gym goer, a personal trainer who can help you to workout at home, in your garden, or at your local pool, for instance, could be the answer. Personal trainers are especially useful when it comes to motivation as they are great motivators.

Sign up to a fun run

There’s nothing better when it comes to motivation than signing up for an event because this forces you to get out there and be active. If you’ve signed up to an event and got sponsors for it, you can’t not stay on track with your workouts, which is why putting your name down for an event is such a good idea. Instead of signing up for anything too strenuous like a half marathon, why not sign up to a fun run? These types of events are a lot less formal, and more fun and are made for people who aren’t in peak physical shape, so even if you’re not as fit as you would like to be, you could take part. From color powder races to inflatable obstacle runs, there are plenty of fun runs to choose from, it’s just a case of choosing the one that’s best for you.

Tone with pilates or yoga

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Did you know that both Pilates and yoga are great for toning up? If you’re someone who’s not keen on fast-paced activities, then taking up meditation-based exercise could be the answer. A lot of people don’t realise it, but both Pilates and yoga are able to help you improve flexibility and strength, helping you to get into better physical shape. As well as regular yoga and pilates, there’s also fitness yoga and pilates that are faster-paced versions made to help you get into shape more quickly, so these could also be worth trying.

Take a dance class

Are you someone who loves to dance and move about? Yes – then how about taking up a dance class? Believe it or not, dancing can be just as good for you as going to the gym or heading out for a jog. So if you’re someone who enjoys dancing, whether that’s ballroom dancing, tap dancing, or salsa dancing it doesn’t matter, take up a dance class or two. Honestly, dancing can be just as good for you as going for a run or taking a spinning class, as long as you are willing to work hard and do it regularly. A lot of people don’t realise just how good for you dancing is – it’s incredibly beneficial for weight loss, toning up, and increasing fitness, as well as for improving flexibility and physical strength.

Try an extreme sport

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A simple way to make working out more fun is to try an extreme sport. You may not be a fan of normal sports but what about extreme sports? The thing about extreme sports is that because they’re not seen as being the norm, the idea of taking part in them is more interesting and exciting, making them a good option for anyone who’s not keen on normal workouts. From white water rafting and BMX biking to rock climbing, there are plenty of extreme sports to choose from, it’s just a case of finding one that you’re happy to do, and that will also help to boost your fitness and keep you in shape.

There you have it, a guide to getting into shape when you’re someone who’s not keen on working out or taking part in sports.