Creating Bullet Journal Pages & Dividers on a Budget

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget

Before I show you how I create pages in my bullet journal, check out my ‘bullet journal on a budget – supplies’ post to see what I use and where I purchase my journal items from.

Once you have gathered all the supplies that catch your eye, you are then ready to start creating pages and collections in your journal, but what do you do if you’re not naturally artistic or creative? The answer, you cheat!

When I first started journaling, I would look for inspiration online, Pinterest and Instagram are a great source for ideas, however, it can also make you feel disheartened when you see what others are creating, there are some really talented people out there… I am not one of them!

The reason I use washi tape and stickers is that it can transform a page with minimum effort. You can create colour schemes and themes also this way. Some journalers use the same colour scheme throughout; pinks, peaches and greys are very popular at the moment, but I like to use an array of colours throughout mine.

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - washi tape

Flexibility is the key to bullet journal success, you make it personal to you, so decide what you would like to have in your journal and write a list… this could be your first page for your bullet journal!

Here is how I create my pages:

The Journal Page Title

You will see examples online where journalers have written their title in the most perfect calligraphy, I became very disheartened fast when my first attempts of a journal page looked like something a 5-year-old could produce. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get my titles to look the way I wanted them, so now I have a little help. I simply print off a font I like online, you can get many fonts free.

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - printed fonts

You can simply download the font and use it to print off your titles, or if you’re like me and like pen and ink in your journal, you can use the font and trace over it to create a striking title for your page (if you want something more extravagant, you could use a more fancy font).

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - printed fonts handwriting

This is a cheap, even free way to make your page look 100 times more appealing than if you did the title freehand.

Add Colour to the Journal Page

Get your glue stick ready, this is where we can add colour and prettiness by using your journal supplies to hand.

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - supplies

You can use any scraps of paper and in the UK you can buy cute pads of paper from The Works or The Range for just a few pounds. By adding paper it breaks up the page and can transform the way it looks. I even use brown baking paper, it gives it a lovely rustic look. You could also use photos, magazine cuttings or leaflets from days out, the options are endless.

This is where you can also add the washi tape and stickers and create a theme or effect.

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - example page

Here is my June memories page so far, I like to trace the main title from my font print out and then I like to use different fonts throughout so it pops certain words. As you can see there isn’t a definite colour scheme. I will keep adding to this throughout the month and add an extra page if I need to.

DIY Budget Dividers

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget

I like to keep my pages organised and easy to find in my journal, so I have created dividers to help. I simply used some old card stock I had purchased a while back. My journal is A5 and the pages were A4 size, I simply cut them in half and then added a tab in a complimenting colour. The colours of the dividers also match the colour of my journal, I just love how it all looks together. I then decided what each section would contain. I can always add more dividers if I need them, or remove any that are no longer relevant. An even cheaper option would be to use plain card and add stickers, washi tapes or stamps… you could even use cut out pictures from magazines or photos.

Creating Bullet Journal Pages  & Dividers on a Budget - recipe section

My favourite section in my journal is my recipe section. When I create a recipe or find one that we really like, I write it out and try and draw a picture of what I made (I’m trying to learn to draw too). It’s not perfect but it’s only for me, however, when I am old and have grandchildren, it will be nice for them to look back on maybe.

I hope this post has inspired you, journals aren’t for everyone, but why not try and create one for yourself? It’s a relaxing hobby that can go anywhere with you.

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