Crafting with Viking

Viking Direct craft session

This weekend, the boys and I were invited to attend a virtual craft session hosted by Viking Direct. With homeschooling in full swing for the past 12 weeks, I thought it would be nice for us all to follow along with something fun and creative.

Viking sell an array of office supplies, but also sell a number of household items too. Due to current events, there is a higher number of families homeschooling, it’s the perfect one-stop place to buy schooling supplies and also household and catering items too.

What’s in the Viking box?

Viking Direct craft session box

We were sent a box of goodies in advance, which we would need for the craft session. I had to resist the Aero’s until the event! There were not only craft items, but lots of cleaning items too (to my delight, I love a cleaning product haul). We received;

We were left wondering, what are we going to make?

The Viking Zoom Craft Session

First of all, I am loving how brands are reaching out to bloggers virtually during these strange times. The Zoom craft session was hosted by Jane from Tea & Crafting, she had compiled three innovative craft projects for us to follow along to.

Our first project was bubble wrap chocolate, such a simple concept, with such an intricate outcome.

crushing aero chocolate bars

We simply crushed the Aeros into small pieces and melted (30 seconds in the microwave), as we do not have one we melted it on the stovetop. We spread the melted chocolate over a square of bubble wrap, then chilled in the fridge.

Melted chocolate on bubble wrap

The end result should have looked like honeycomb chocolate… unfortunately, I added a drop of water to the chocolate when it was melting on the stove and I think this prevented it from setting properly. Other bloggers had more success (check out #craftingwithviking on Twitter for results).

Our second project was a fire breathing dragon. Using the centre of a toilet roll, the boys covered them with a piece of colour paper (so many colour choices, it was hard for them to choose) and added pop up eyes and nostrils.

Making fire breathing dragons
Crafting with Viking

To make the fire (or ice breathing dragon), the boys glued strips of tissue paper to the base of the roll. The result, you blow through the roll and the tissue blows out like fire.

Crafting with Viking

The third and final project was a fun, walking feet one. The boys folded a piece of A4 paper in half and cut out a template of their feet. Using a roll of packaging tape, paper straws and ear buds (with the cotton removed), these were taped on opposite sides of the roll and on each of the foot templates. We then simply rolled the tape and the feet went walking off!

Craft feet

Our craft session review…

The boys and I were so engrossed in our creative bubble, it was nice to just follow along and make something we had never made before. I really liked the emphasis on cleaning our work space before and after each session and also stopping to clean our hands often. This was a great reminder of how important it is to use anti-bacterial products to prevent the spread of germs at present.

What I liked most about the craft session was the simplicity of it all and how creative the boys were with each project, Jane kept offering other ideas on how we could expand each project if we were to do them again. I already have some ideas for our next craft session at home. I was great being introduced to Viking too, I was aware they sold office supplies, but I didn’t realise how much they had to offer in terms of children’s crafts, cleaning products and also catering items. It really does have a lot to offer and great prices too. With homeschooling continuing for a little while longer, I will definitely be making an order soon (and the stationary addict within is looking forward to it).

The boys and I would like to say a massive thank you to Viking and Jane for such a wonderful morning crafting… the aftermath was fun to tidy up too!

crafting aftermath

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