The Craft Path To Adulthood

There’s no such thing as a perfect adult. Nobody knows what it means to be a grownup, and we are all doing our very best to make it work. Unfortunately, there is no guide on managing adulthood, so you have to make it up as you go. As you make it up, there’s nothing that stops you from injecting a little craft into each big step of your life. It’s a modest but effective way to taking your time to make the most of each event and to enjoy life to the fullest. It may not be the key to successful adulthood, but craft is often the key to LIY, Life It Yourself, the DIY approach to happiness.

Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is one of the first responsible steps into the grownup life. This implies signing a mortgage agreement too and committing to a schedule of repayment. But there’s something else that comes with your first home, and this is the first move out of the tenant’s life. As you do, you will come across furniture sets and styles that you don’t want to take with you into the new house. New homeowners like to start with a fresh canvas that they can decorate to suit their personalities. From geometric paintings to building custom-made shelves, the DIY life of a homeowner demands the right tools and a lot of courage to take your first step into the world of house improvements. But it’s a decision you won’t regret!

The “Yes, I Do” Day

For most couples, getting married is the beginning of a new life. This is the moment your relationship becomes official and defines the rest of your life. There’s more than a social gap between a single and a married woman: It’s a brand new life that begins. So make it count by sharing with your guests how special it is for you with a DIY card from Pure Invitation, for example, or a homemade photo booth for party memories. More and more couples want to get involved with the wedding preparations, as a way of giving it a personal style and touch. So a DIY addition is your chance to own your wedding.

Starting A Family

Is there anything more exciting in life than welcoming a bundle of joy into your home? With babies, it can be difficult to feel that you are part of their evolution, even if you spend most of your time with them. After all, babies are curious little creatures! Often, keeping a DIY hobby can help young mothers feel more relaxed about parenthood, especially during the first weeks after the birth. So whether you choose to make a crochet cardigan or to prepare the nursery room, make a point to keep your mind busy. Postpartum depression is very common and can hit you until six weeks after birth. Protect yourself with baby-focused DIY projects that can give you a solid ground when you need it most.

Your First-Time With Grandchildren

When it’s time, you’ll want to be a modern grandmother, who is still in touch with the active and digital world. But that doesn’t mean that you should forget your grandmother’s responsibilities: Kids will come to you for the yummy jams and biscuits. So practice your cooking skills for when the time come.



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