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I love being creative so when I discovered bullet journaling about 4 years ago, I was over the moon. I discovered there were thousands of people of all ages that also enjoyed the creativity and flexibility of creating our own little worlds on paper. I like to think of journaling as what my brain would look like if it spilt out onto paper.

Journaling doesn’t have to be expensive though, I have no issue with people buying expensive notebooks and pens, that’s part of the journaling experience for some people, but for me, I like doing it on a budget.

I wanted to share with you some of my journaling supplies to show how to start up a journal with minimum expenditure.

The Journal

The one thing you are definitely going to need is a journal, to start with you could just use an exercise book, then move onto something different when you know what works for you. I like to journal in a ringed planner, it gives me the flexibility to move pages around. I picked up my ringed planner cheap on Ali Express, I think it’s called a Macaron Planner and the quality is great, one day I may upgrade to a filofax but I am more than happy with this for now. This A5 planner cost me under £9 including shipping and it was delivered in 2 weeks.

Pens & Pencils

budget pens
budget pencils

There are some lovely pens and pencils on the market, but I like to keep this part simple. My favourite kind of pen to use is a BIC biro! There is no bleeding (pen going through the paper) or ghosting (when you can see writing faintly through the page) and they cost as little as 30p a pen. I also use whatever pens that are laying around the house. I am not precious when it comes to pens!

To add some colour to my pages, I use *Crayola pencils, they are cheap and do the trick, I have the 50 pack and the colours are gorgeous.

Washi Tape

Before I started journaling I had no clue what washi tape was, but once I found out, there was no going back! It is a decorative tape that can transform a journal page into something beautiful. You can get washi tape in every colour and pattern known to man. There are many online shops that sell it, including Etsy, but it is a lot cheaper if you do not mind the wait if ordered from Ali Express or Wish. Here are some of my collection, most I bought on Ali Express (not sponsored I promise!) and cost from as little as 30p a roll upwards.

washi tape


planner stickers

Again, like washi tape, it’s personal preference if you use them in your journal. The inner child in me loves stickers, I picked up my stickers again on Ali Express. It is definitely the cheapest place to buy supplies if you don’t mind waiting up to a month for the items to arrive. I plan to buy more for some theme pages (i.e Halloween, Christmas, summer holidays) and now would be the perfect time to purchase them, just search for ‘planner stickers’ and have fun choosing, mine cost 60p upwards. Here are some of the stickers I have stocked ready to use.

planner stickers

Paper for Journal

I bought lots of paper for my journal from… you’ve guessed it, Ali Express! The quality is great and because I wasn’t sure what I would like to put in my journal, I purchased a variety, including plain, grid, lined and a to-do list. I would like to get some dotted paper too, which I will order next time I buy some stickers. The paper cost me £1.60 a pack of 40 pages.

A5 filofax paper

If you are thinking about starting a journal, I would recommend starting cheap and then buy more expensive if you feel the need. I am so happy with my journal. It is a cheap hobby, that allows me to be creative and makes me feel so relaxed. I would love to hear if you’re a journaller too and what you like to journal about.

In my next blog post, I am going to show you how I create beautiful journal pages (especially if you’re not naturally artistic), using all my bargain buys, so please watch out for that.

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