About Me

Hi, I’m Amy, you are so welcome to my blog ‘The Devonshire Woman!’


I’m a 30 (something) year old Brummie living in Devon, UK with my wonderful husband Ollie. We met at University back in 2002 and were married in 2009.


I’m also mommy to my sons, Boy 1 (born October 2011) and Boy 2 (born January 2014) – I may be biased but I think they’re pretty much perfect!


I used to write a parenting blog but fell out of love with it so started this wonderful blog. For a while, I got lost in the world of social media and living vicariously through others on Youtube so I gave myself an adult time out, reflected on the things I actually enjoyed doing and did them instead. Life became more pleasant, I started to enjoy my free time and felt oh so more relaxed, so decided to start afresh and want to write about these things instead.

Why the ‘Devonshire Woman’? I hear you ask… well one of my favourite things in life is food, I love looking at it, I love making things with it and i bloomin’ love eating it! I used to have a food blog back in 2008 but that’s another story. Well, one of my favourite Foodnetwork shows is ‘The Pioneer Woman’… so I kinda stole her name, but I live in Devon… but Devonshire sounded better!

In my adult time out, I started a bullet journal… they’re amazing, google them, you’ll be hooked I’m sure and will be ordering an overpriced notebook and pens from Amazon within minutes. Well, this brought out a creative side in me I haven’t seen since probably my school days, I then went to good ol’ Trago Mills and stocked up on gouache paints and sketchbook and have never looked back.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can not actually draw, but i try! I plan to mix my love for cooking and painting and create my own, sketchbook recipe book, which I can not wait to share on my blog.

There is also going to be a wealth of all other topics on my blog, but I’ve decided to keep my kiddos off here. They can write their own story one day.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed by today’s expectations, take an adult time out… it’s amazing!

So that’s me in a very small nutshell, you’ll have to read the blog to get to know me more ?

I look forward to getting to know you all